8 week plyometric training program

compared to baseline values, four and eight weeks of plyometric training significantly increased cmj and agility performances in the raised forefoot platforms and regular shoes groups. compared to rs, we hypothesized that the use of rfp during a plyometric training could induce greater improvements in cmj and agility. the exercises of the plyometric program are described in the section plyometric training program. illustration of each exercise included in the plyometric training program. the agility test was used to evaluate rapid changes of speed and direction.

the analysis of the cmj height demonstrated a significant main effect for group (p<0.001) and testing session (p<0.001). the cmj height also increased after four and further eight weeks of plyometric training in each group (p<0.001). thus, changes in neuromuscular function could be responsible for the increased cmj height in the rs group and in the rfp group. the higher volume of plyometric training (minimum 165–180 jumps per week) and a smaller recovery period before the testing sessions (48 hours in luebbers et al. the jumps included in our plyometric program were achieved in an explosive way and implied a relatively short contact time. the higher incidence reported with strength shoe could be due to a shoe quality described as poor by subjects and a higher intensity of the plyometric training program (6,30).

effect of an 8-week plyometric training program with raised forefoot platforms on agility and vertical the desired exercises, sets, repetitions and weight are listed. the twelve-week plyometric program is built for both training program. all subjects normally trained 4–5 times a week and participated in an official match, .

2. improve your athletic performance: plyometric training improves a variety of sports specific skills. one study how many times per week should plyometrics be performed? however, there are many effective plyometrics programs that work for squat jumps – 4 sets x 8 reps weights:. of plyometric exercises twice a week for 8 weeks. the control group carried out the basic training,

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