How do you create a professional development presentation

when i was in high school, and we completed interest surveys for future careers, i always came up with creative jobs. i love creating presentations, infographics, websites, and journeys to share my excitement for technology, teaching methods, for engaging students, and fostering creativity in others. my first task was to create a summer of professional development for my school. teachers and students were trying things that they never tried before, from robotics to coding, to creating and communicating on a more global scale. they are creating amazing lessons that allow students to learn in their own way, and at their own pace. this summer will be another opportunity for teachers to learn how to integrate technology into their classroom.

what do teachers want to learn and how do they want to shape their lessons are great starting points. i’m a huge fan of twitter for asking questions, searching hashtags, and gathering information, and taking courses with the edtechteam. these are self-paced and offer some of the same resources i’ll use in the workshop. to advertise the course, i have an in house website for this summer, a pdf with links, and a bi-weekly newsletter to keep teachers up to date on the sessions. teachers are busy, and they took the time out of their day to spend at the workshop. these teachers are going to bring back the new tools to their classrooms, show others how to use them, and their students are going to blossom. edtechteam is a global network of former teachers turned educational technologists dedicated to inspiring and empowering educators.

how investments in teacher professional development. can make a difference. . a blueprint for professional development for teachers of reading and mental in building students’ vocabularies. team lead, program and professional development team. purpose. professional development strengthens education delivery and increases skill- building information and presentation sessions., .

facilitate learning. consider your role when delivering pd to be one of a facilitator of learning. plan, plan, plan, and prepare. allow for choice. not too much. start and end on time. build on existing expertise. treat your adult learners like adults. attend to the environment. comes from creating professional development resources for teachers. i love creating presentations, professional development. frederick burrack – director of assessment. chris urban – assistant director of assessment.,

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