How do you train like Mat Fraser

a rookie and relative unknown, he had zero expectations; any spot on the podium was a victory. fraser went back to the gym with more intensity, and shifted to a more holistic training perspective that encompassed everything from workouts to nutrition and recovery. here, his five tips to get the most out of your training. he eats four or five big meals a day, most of which include meat and vegetables, and sticky white rice. for example, while some athletes start with strength training in the morning and reserve cardio for the evening, he prefers to change the format and timing of his workouts from day to day.

but if they go run a mile and then try to snatch, they’re going to snatch 250,” fraser says. because he lifts before, after, and even during endurance training, he knows which numbers he can hit regardless of the circumstances. he found the solution with a track and field coach who worked with him two or three times a week, fixing issues related to form and technique. in the past, he shortchanged recovery time and rushed back to the gym, a tactic that brought him “one step forward to take two steps back.” “i convince myself it’s going to be okay.” fraser’s also gotten better at seeing the silver lining in minor injuries; a sore elbow is a chance to strengthen your squat, and you can still hone gymnastic skills with a sprained ankle. if he hits a wall, he’ll use a little motivational self-talk that can help any of us struggling to stick with a challenging workout: “push through this,” fraser says he’ll think.

2016 winner mat fraser shares the five changes he made to his training and workouts, after finishing second twice. mat fraser’s 5 tips for crushing crossfit workouts after the open. the four-time fittest man on a mat fraser anti-routine. fraser can lift: back squat: 485 lbs. clean and jerk: 375 lbs. snatch: 315 lbs., .

like, if i know i’m going to have a very quad-heavy workout, i’ll use that to give my legs a quick you must understand your ‘why’. why are you choosing to wake up early and train? why do you one day around the same time, a neighbor called don over. “i don’t want to interfere in what goes,

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