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day 1 was in the books and we looked forward to our overnight stay at phantom ranch. i was so happy we booked a night at the south rim so we could just relax and reflect on what we just had accomplished. i also booked a room at the south rim (kachina lodge through xanterra) so we would have a day to recuperate and reflect on the experience and adventure of our rim to rim hike while gaining perspective of the canyon from the top. * while we don’t recommend it, if you do take on a one day rim to rim hike know the risks. with regard to cotton, think of a towel, a towel is made of cotton so if you want to dip your shirt in the creek, etc. use the balm on areas of your body that you know are susceptible to friction as a preventative measure. cell phone, you will not have service in the canyon but will at each of the rims and can use your camera on the phone as well. we had wonderful ones and that is a great thing because we traded what we needed for next day to get us through and traded out what we didn’t need for the hike up bright angel (i.e., pack light). to camp overnight in the grand canyon, you are required to have a camping permit. * the mission of the rim to rim club® is to offer a forum for hikers that have completed the rim to rim hike of grand canyon national park to share their story and commemorate their accomplishment. now for the tips: the key to my happiness on this hike was to stay drenched, and hydrated. we stayed at phantom ranch for the night, and continue up to the south rim via the bright angel trail. ill be doing the south rim as i will be a beginner and not trying to push my self. our suggestion is to pull up the weather a few days before you leave and adjust accordingly. we have phantom ranch booked for the 15th and we want to do the rim to rim but we are a day early for the main shuttle. however we are all in training and most of us are up to 3-4 miles daily and a 10-11 miles on the weekend. the ranger is looking for evidence that your weakest member has a reasonable ability to do the hike successfully. we are hiking 7 miles to cottonwood first day, 7 miles to bright angel second day and out the third day, splitting the trip with a long rest at indian garden during the dead hours. i got an email from a friend who was able to secure one night at the grand canyon lodge, with five rooms and was looking for a crew to hike rim to rim. unfortunately, we got to the lodge way too late to take in any of the views, so it was a quick dinner and then to bed for our early wakeup. we have a 2 night stay at phantom and plan to hike out to the south rim using the bright angel trail. i stopped for water at indian garden, 4 ½ miles in to the canyon. i was accompanied by sounds and sights of the bright angel creek heading from the north to the colorado river. my son and i are doing a r2r on oct 15th and the shuttle leaves really late in the day. i imagine that i will have “earned” my time on the north rim and will want to bask in the afterglow of the adventure. i will be doing the rim to rim in one day at the beginnig of june … starting at north kaibab trailhead. and is there a charge for the overnight parking? there are also parts of “the box” where the creek is next to you and parts with shade so because you won’t be in a hurry you have a respite as well. my companion and i did a lot of training hikes prior to the r2r but everything was climbing and not descending. i completed the rim to rim on sept. 20th, 2017 in one day starting at the no. kaibab, over to the phantom ranch and up the bright angel in the past 12 months. my sister drove out from the la area, and we shot up to the south rim from prescott, az, my home. we went down the south kaibab trail, and that also turned out to be a big mistake. i gained invaluable knowledge of the trails and the physical demands prior to attempting a r2r as a one-day adventure. we have not done a nighttime rim to rim but have hiked out of the canyon at night (most times the last 1-2 miles). this place and this hike is so special for all of the reasons you mentioned. proud to have you and you father in the club! bob – i was just at the canyon in august for an r2r trip, and a number of the folks i ran into during the trip told me two things: 1) you are nuts for trying to do this in august! i saw plenty of runners going rim to rim at a very fast pace, but my guess is these are the same people that run marathons and do triathlons. also, try to avoid the two other mistakes i made (not getting enough sleep, and hiking in the heat of the day). we plan to hike between the 17 and 21 of october. on day 2 we hiked from cottonwood to bright angel campground, our afternoon hike was the black bridge and part of the river trail. if i was to ever do it again, i would want lodging at the north rim and phantom ranch. i find myself with a bad knee (osteoarthritis) that is lately acting up and getting in the way of my planned r2r that was to start 18sep. i am doing a rtr hike from the south rim to the north rim on september 24th, camping on the north rim on the night of september 24th, and then hiking back to the south rim on september 25th. we will be spending a day and a half at the south rim before doing the rim to rim hike. i am hiking a r2r north to south with 5 other women the end of this august. august is their monsoon season so you need to be prepared for rain which we were and it was a welcome respite from the heat.

and if so, is there a shuttle on the south rim that takes people back to their cars on the north rim? this was to be our “dry run” for a hike to the colorado river and back up to the south rim. on fri the 27th of this year we left my vehicle on the south rim, caught the shuttle to the north rim and camped at our reserved site. we will be camping at bright angel campground on june 15, 2016, and i was wondering if anyone would like to have our tent to camp in the following night. please feel free to take a look, and if you don’t see my post, simply search for “rim to rim.” the search feature is in the right hand column down a bit. key the next few months for you and your group is to get the knees strong and the cardio in excellent shape and body ready to carry a backpack. after spending the night at phantom hike up to the north rim and shuttle back to the south rim. south kaibab is a lot of step and a half steps to accommodate the mules(who poop and pee a lot). four of us are staying at the north rim 5/27 and hiking nr to sr in one day on 5/28. my wife and i plan to hike r2r, leaving north rim on wednesday, april 20. i know the highway in is closed until may 15, but i’ve been advised by hikers i met in gc that back roads will get you there, and i’ve found a shuttle guy who will take us from marble canyon to trailhead at nrim to begin the hike. my three sons, my brother in law, and i will be doing our first r2r hike on may 23. we’ll be hiking from the north to the south, and are staying at phantom ranch. my group thinks i am nuts because i was thinking about waking up on day 2 and attempting to hike up to the north rim and back to bright angel campground in the same day. 28+ miles in the middle of a hike the day before and day after seems like not the best idea but i sure would love to say i hiked rim to rim and back. we recommend the shuttles for hikers that don’t know other hikers from a safety and liability perspective but we do allow people to post on our website that are looking for ride shares. we’ll be camping as we’re taking the shuttle around and there was no room at the inn. i am from pasadena and planning on north to south right after the north rim opens in may. i would prefer to start at north rim and finish at the south. add in the .5-mile walk from the north rim campground, which is where i started, to the north kaibab trailhead, and it comes to 24.4 miles. the r2r i did starts at 8,240 feet at the north rim and drops to 2,480 feet at the river before ascending to 6,860 feet at the south rim. that means there’s a good chance they’ll be in the same physical condition as you at any given location on the route and moving at comparable speeds. if i was forced to pick one, however, it would be the mwmt. that was followed by a hike to the country store and then on to the north rim lodge. the first hike i dehydrated and had to rest at cottonwood campground overnight. i learned a lot of things about myself and the canyon that day. i hopened all worked out for them and if one of them is reading this post, i would like to know the outcome. two years ago some girlfriends and i did r2r in a day – south to north, 13 hours. my dad did the rim to rim two years ago, at age 70 and wants to do it again this spring/summer. we hiked the canyon to phantom ranch and back from the south rim when my son was 10 years old, he did fine. the best bet for you at the south rim is to park your car at the backcountry office and take the shuttle over to the south kaibab trail. i had heard about this hike from a co-worker and could not get it out of my mind, and so finally decided to bite the bullet and actually start planning this hike for myself. my goal is to stay at south rim and day hike to north rim, stay the night, hike back to south rim the next day. and you can easily figure out the height you’re climbing and compare it to the climb out of the gc. i was hoping to get your feedback on the south kaibab descent. i hiked to the colorado river and back and thought for sure i had enough food. how i drank and drank, where was the end. does anybody know if there will be a shuttle early on north rim in the morning going from the lodge to the trailhead? we stayed at the kaibab lodge on the north rim and hiked down thru phantom ranch and up bright angel. i spoke to someone in the back country office today and since there will be no accomodations open on the 14th on the north rim for an early start on may 15th, they recommended we start down at 2:30pm. i have reservations for in oct 2015 at phantom and our dinner is the 5:00pm seating. one friend and one family member joined the adventure to depart north rim at 5:00 am on the 12th of june and arrive at bright angel campground. our friend was airlifted out of cottonwood to so rim where she was treated and released by noon on the 14th. i have done the rim to rim 5 times and am doing it again this year may 18th. good luck and we hope to have you in the club soon! you can take a side trip to ribbon falls and also other hikes at the base. myself and 2 friends will start at the south rim on may 25th for a rim to rim hike. in retrospect, we would have been smarter to take more time going down and not worry about any ideas of arriving at the top at any reasonable hour. i was told by the folks at the north rim lodge that we need a permit to do the rim-to-rim hike and that there is a lottery drawing! if you are taking our same trip and staying at phantom ranch, get used to carrying about 70 ounces of water now in your pack with the fewest essentials (i.e., keeping pack light but efficient).

reservations are difficult to get. if you go this route consider booking a day again at the south rim to relax and recuperate hello everyone,i’am thinking of hiking the grand canyon and have already found a huge amount of information on the internet, forums and books. on peak weekends, so many rim-to-rim hikers will call for help that finally, how hard is this hike?, grand canyon rim to rim shuttle, rim to rim grand canyon permit, grand canyon rim to rim hike in one day, training for rim to rim one day hike. hiking the grand canyon rim-to-rim is a bucket list adventure. over the course of nearly 24 miles, hikers descend below the level of the rim, cross the mighty colorado river, and climb back up the other side. it\’s challenging, it\’s exhilarating, and it is truly an unforgettable experience.

did this 7/22-23, north trail tough and no water from cottonwood to phantom – 12 miles. bottom 130 temp in sun. ba trail elevation change like that is hard whether you’re traveling uphill (ouch quads) or downhill (sorry knees). rim-to-rim-to-rim (r2r2r). recommended route. difficult. 5.0 (50), rim to rim to rim, rim to rim to rim, best time to hike rim to rim, grand canyon rim to rim outfitters, grand canyon rim to rim 3 days

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