How long does it take to train for 15k

the 15k is a useful and exciting racing distance. experienced runners enjoy the 15k, because it offers a different distance, one to relieve boredom. click on the links below for access to 15k training programs for novice, intermediate and advanced runners. if you are new to running or haven’t run a race as long as 15k, you probably will want to choose my novice program. long runs peak at 8 miles, just short of your race distance. more experienced runners may want to select my intermediate program. it is one step up in degree of difficulty from the novice program, featuring five days of running–and one of those days features speedwork: tempo runs and training on the track. one day is also dedicated to rest.

(advanced runners are given the option of running or resting on fridays.) it also contains two days of speedwork on tuesdays and wednesdays. only a small percentage of runners can prosper following a training program this tough, so think twice before selecting it. for the full 10-week schedules, click on one of the links to the novice, intermediate, or advanced programs. for ten weeks leading up to the 15k or 10-mile race of your choice, i will send you daily emails telling you how to train. strike the right balance of speed and stamina as you find a training program that helps you peak for your next 15k or 10-mile race. it should be most helpful for first-timers, those… for the 15k (and 10 mile) distance, this intermediate training program was designed to be used by runners who might be running five to… the following 10-week schedule is for advanced runners: individuals who compete regularly in races up to 10-miles or beyond and who want to improve… subscribe to our mailing list for advice from hal, training tips, and updates on our programs and apps. whether pursuing general fitness, training for your first race, or trying to hit your next personal best, connects millions of runners to hal’s books, training programs, and apps each year.

if you are new to running or haven’t run a race as long as 15k, you probably will want to choose my novice program. you should be able to start this plan anytime, as long as you can currently run (or run/walk) 1.5 miles do not skip the walk. distance runs: also called the long slow distance run ( lsd). this run, like the easy run, is, . the 15k is challenging and a perfect step up for the runner looking to improve their performance. training for a 15k will be about a 12 week plan. you will start at a base level and increase your distance each week leading up to race day. your training will include easy, long, tempo, and interval runs.

find out how long it takes to train for a 10k race depending on your fitness level. see training schedules for beginners here’s how a 15k race stacks up to a 10k run, plus the preparing for, and running, the 15k will take slightly more time than a 10k. how long is a 15k race? read more: proper training for long-distance running. training for this race has reinforced everything i’ve read about the take it at a slower pace you can do this. i could keep going for 2.3 miles because that’s how long the race is and,

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