How much commission do Saks employees make

one of the darkest and stinkiest secrets saks fifth avenue employees have ever disclosed about the store is that the store doesn’t have a problem with reselling an already worn item. leyth jamal, a transgender person and former employee of saks fifth avenue, filed a lawsuit against saks, claiming that the store discriminated and subjected her to a hostile work environment based on her gender identity. the employee in question said it’s impossible to hit your weekly target unless you already have a stable clientele and most of the customers shop online instead of in store anyway. lindsay, for example, exposes the harsh reality of trying to eke out a living at saks by saying that successful sales at saks typically come from stable clientele; customers who visit the store on a regular basis and thus have their favorite salespeople they like to visit.

the type of questions you could expect to be asked when interviewing for a position at saks are as follows: another bunch of current and former staff members revealed on glassdoor that on the day of their interview, they had to tackle all sorts of behavioral questions, questions about relevant experience and, of course, if they had ever visited a saks store before. to create an accurate impression of how suave and gorgeous saks sales associates look is to dig a little into customer testimonials. according to “employee stories” on, a former saleslady, cecille villacorta worked at saks fifth avenue from 2000 to 2006 and quickly became one of their top-notch salespeople and somehow managed to make more than $27 million in sales for the store. its employees are the living evidence of what spending time in such a highly hooking environment can do to your behavior and mental health. excessive spending, in turn, changed the way his brain excreted dopamine, thus making it highly desirable to buy more and more stuff.

368 reviews from saks fifth avenue employees about pay & benefits. saks fifth avenue pay & benefits reviews. job title lack of traffic, if you do not make goal you owe from future commissions. saks fifth avenue employee reviews about “pay structure” do not work here! their personal life yet get paid high salaries (a lot of nepotism as i understand they hire people who are friends draw vs commission is a lousy pay structure. the average salary for saks fifth avenue employees is $61117 per year. do you know what people like you are earning? find out what you should be paid tell us about your job and pay factors like skills and education., how much do saks employees make, saks commission, saks commission, saks commission rate, saks fifth avenue employee benefits. no commission. hourly depends on your word play during interview. the commission is base on you hourly wage, hours worked and sales per hour. i think it was 6% commission of sales after base.

yes, even such a high-end luxury retailer as saks does that. pointing that the infamous draw versus commission pay structure is to blame. poor boy had too much of a good thing. again, if you have bills to pay please do not even waste your time applying. continue reading. 1 person imagine working at saks fifth avenue before you get there. explore this company does not hours, weekly pay, pay rate it’s a wonderful place to work but the it is low and there’s not much room for, saks employee discount card, saks employee commission, saks associates, saks employee discount 2019

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