Is Starcraft 2 hard to learn

number 8860726. despite being one of the most successful strategy franchises of all time, the starcraft series carries a reputation of a sharp learning curve and a beginner-unfriendly environment. a “safe state” is a state in which the player is not in immediate danger of losing the game. in many games, a player who is down has a strong potential to come back and win the game. in many sports, a deficit of one or two goals is not extremely damning; in multiplayer halo, being killed simply means returning to the game one point down.

most maps (but not all) provide chokepoints or ramps that make it harder to assault a player’s main base, but merely owning a base does not provide a favored condition for the units in that base. starcraft, on the other hand, has challenges in the form of attacking enemy armies, the size and composition of which is usually not known to the player beforehand. of course, the 6-pool is counterable (otherwise, the game wouldn’t be fun), and its all-in nature makes it an extremely risky strategy, but tell that to the player who just got 6-pooled. (starcraft 2 includes a practice league intended to ease players into the game, but many players skip it entirely, and it can never be returned to on that copy of the game once skipped.)

it’s certainly up there in difficulty to master,as far as competetive pvp games are concerned, but anyone who would claim that it’s the hardest doesn’t understand game design. it’s not the hardest, and in many ways that’s a good thing. developers should learn from sc2’s steep curve and learn starcraft 2 is a genius, inspired game. the result is that, proportionally, players in starcraft ii are spending relatively more time executing on, . yes the game is very difficult, but like everyone has said the matchmaking is quite good. one thing our community has done a wonderful job of though is creating tutorials for new players. i think the sc2 community only gets that reputation because it\’s a video game, and video games in general attract toxic people.

people have been bitterly divided over blizzard’s proposed changes to the way macro mechanics work pro gamers often work hard to stay on top of their game. there is no reason to fear to play sc2. what makes sc2 unfun/difficult for me is that fights happen too quickly. but once you learn more about the game and become aware of threats, it is usually possible to counter them or,

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