Is it good to workout before Iftar

doctors and personal trainers said high-intensity exercise such as running right before iftar carried the risk of exhaustion, fatigue or hypoglycaemia. they urged those who do want to train to consider the effect on their bodies of having had no food or water for 15 hours. “so working out at this time of the day might cause the body to burn the muscle tissue instead of fat, which is not beneficial for the body.” those who are diabetic are advised not to exercise at all before the maghreb prayer, because of the risk of hypoglycaemia, she said. in a worst-case secenario, people could have a seizure or go into a coma. “losing weight has more to do with monitoring the amount of calories you are eating and increasing the amount of calories you are burning,” ms hejleh said.

“the chance of suffering from dehydration is also high, and so exercising after a prolonged fast can cause exhaustion, severe muscle cramps, and can lead to a person collapsing.” the notion that you can lose more weight by exercising before breaking your fast is a myth, dr pillai said. “weight loss by burning fat is a slow process and happens only through consistent exercise and eating a well-balanced diet.” the best time for people who are fasting to exercise is in the evening, after they have replenished their fluids and restored their energy levels, he said. “it is safe to exercise directly before iftar, but only light-intensity training is recommended,” the personal trainer said. “high-intensity exercise such as running should be avoided before iftar, as the body does not have any fuel or hydration due to the day’s fast. “some fasting muslims find it more convenient to exercise during the last hour before iftar, but this can be harmful to their health,” he said. this leads to painful muscle spasms that result from a loss of large amounts of salt and water.

this website uses cookies. ok. please click to read our informative text prepared pursuant to the law on exercising before iftar has many benefits: it revitalises the body and increases its efficiency in getting bodybuilding and losing fat and working out could all be quite challenging during ramadan, and even, benefits of working out before iftar, cardio before iftar, cardio before iftar, ramadan workout, pre iftar workout. if you\’re exercising before iftar, keep it to light cardio such as jogging, biking or yoga for 20 to-45 minutes. or if you\’d prefer shorter, high intensity training, you can do a 10-20 minute bodyweight workout. however, if you\’d like to include weight training, i would recommend doing this after you break your fast.

you could time your workout to end just before iftar so that your “everyone knows their bodies so if they’re comfortable and healthy, everyone should do what works best for them,” going in for a workout about 30 minutes before iftar would be a good idea. ( representational image)., workout before sehri, hiit ramadan, working out before suhoor, gym in ramadan

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