What is Greco Roman style wrestling

greco-roman wrestling is practiced worldwide and was first part of the olympic games in 1896. it has continued to be part of the summer olympics since 1908. freestyle wrestling is a grappling style that is also practiced worldwide. the major differences between these two styles of wrestling include the following: one of the main differences between these two styles of wrestling is that greco-roman forbids any holds below the waist, but freestyle wrestling allows you to use your legs as both defensive and offensive weapons. as a greco-roman grappler, you have to accompany your opponent to the canvas. if you lose this draw, you have to put a leg in the middle of the main circle, while the other leg stays outside.

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the name “greco-roman” was used to purport that this style of wrestling is similar to styles used by greco-roman wrestling, style of wrestling practiced in olympic and international amateur competition. in greco-roman despite the name, “greco-roman” was a style of wrestling that became popular throughout europe in, . greco-roman (us), graeco-roman (uk), classic wrestling (europe) or french wrestling (in russia until 1948) is a style of wrestling that is practiced worldwide. this style of wrestling forbids holds below the waist; this is the major difference from freestyle wrestling, the other form of wrestling at the olympics.

greco-roman wrestling is a combat sport performed on a circular mat. participants are required to use their upper bodies to execute a variety of different moves to pin their opponent and/or score points in order to win the fight. in greco-roman wrestling, arguably the oldest competitive sport in the world, competitors use only their only eight weight categories are now represented in each style, as opposed to the 10 that had there are three primary wrestling styles: freestyle, greco-roman, and folkstyle ( collegiate). while all are different in,

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