What is the hardest nursing specialty

how to become one: like many nursing specialties, neonatal nurses must first earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing and their rn license. unlike other nursing careers at this level, cns professionals do not need prescription privileges in order to practice how to become one: cns candidates must first earn a bsn, and then typically practice in their preferred specialties for a few years. they may work in hospitals or outpatient dialysis centers how to become one: dialysis nurses need active rn licenses, and can be more competitive on the job market with a bsn. instead, they work for government organizations and nonprofits to advocate for patients how to become one: health policy nurses must typically hold a bsn and several years of bedside experience.

nurse anesthesiology is one of the highest paying nursing specialties how to become one: these specialized nurses must earn a bsn in general nursing and an msn in nurse anesthesiology. they can also work with patients who have alzheimer’s or dementia either through in-home care or skilled nursing facilities how to become one: psychiatric nurses must hold a valid rn license, ideally at the bsn level. candidates can also earn a master’s degree and certification from the federal drug enforcement administration to become advanced practice nurses in this specialty. geriatric nurses work in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to care for patients in the golden years of their lives. in addition to medication administration, oncology nurses educate patients about their illnesses how to become one: oncology nurses must earn an rn license in their state either with a bsn or associate degree.

for me, the hardest nursing specialty that i worked in was labor and delivery. it is physically and emotionally draining. the 20 best nursing career specialties 1. neonatal nurse 2. nurse midwife 3 . clinical nurse 4. critical care nurse. there’s no time to use the bathroom. here are eleven of the hardest parts about being a nurse. “nurses have different specialties,” she said. “we don’t know everything. but what we, .

what’s the hardest nursing specialty? what makes it more difficult than others? critical care nurse; nurse anesthetist. read on for salaries and job descriptions of these specialties. in nursing, the more hardest to get into or. in nursing school there is usually very little exposure to what a circulating nurse,

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