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there are several different evidence-based bullying prevention programs that applicants may choose from to best serve the needs at their school(s). in an effort to provide unbiased, objective recommendations for evidence-based bullying prevention programs to be used as part of the bullying prevention and education grant (bpeg), the office of learning supports (ols) at the colorado department of education commissioned an external review of programs. it should only be considered as guidance for the bpeg and not as guidance for selecting an evidence-based bullying prevention program for other purposes. applicants are encouraged to select any program that they believe would best fit their school regardless of whether or not it is one of the programs recommended by the ols. description: you can find an in-depth description of the bp-pbis program, including training requirements, here. one program is designed for students in elementary school (pdf) and the other is designed for students in middle and high school (pdf).

description: you can find an in-depth description of the ss-sel and ss-bpu program, including training requirements, here. these programs are research-based and the bullying prevention program is developmentally appropriate for kindergarten through 5th grade students. there is also an online version of the second step program for middle school students. description: you can find an in-depth description of the obpp program, including training requirements, here.the obpp is a prevention and education program developed by dr. dan olweus, a leading international bullying prevention expert. the program can be customized to a school or district and focuses on reducing bullying through school curricula. the program is primarily geared towards secondary students. application processcover page | school information and signature page | assurances form | executive summarysection a: needs assessment | section b: program description | section c: policies and practices | section d: evaluation and reporting | section e: budget narrative and electronic budget updated september 19, 2018 copyright © 1999-2020 colorado department of education.

contact the national suicide prevention lifeline online or at a child is being bullied in school. there are several different evidence-based bullying prevention programs that applicants may choose from to best serve what is considered bullying, and how to teach kids to stand up to it, safely. just say yes bullying prevention programs, .

these efforts aim to reduce bullying and victimization (being bullied). some interventions aim to increase positive implement programs designed to reach bystanders and to gain a commitment from them to take action to stop the bullying the olweus bullying prevention program (obpp) is the most researched and best-known bullying attend on a regular basis, such as after-school programs, camps, or community youth programs.,

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