certificate course in scada

you’ll learn how to defend against both internal and external attackers to provide holistic security for critical industrial automation systems. ten courses build your scada security knowledge around the eight certified scada security architect (cssa) domains. upon completion, you’ll be prepared to earn your cssa certification and validate your scada security knowledge. this course will begin your reintroduction to scada security frameworks, covering common threats to scada, relevant security standards and bodies, developing scada security policies and more. review your understanding of scada security assessment with this course covering scada security objectives, security assessment programs and more.

review what it takes to attack standard services, server os, ics protocols and more with this course on pentesting scada services and protocols. re-familiarize yourself with the challenges of remote access and field site security through this course on remote access techologies, field site firewalls and more. in this course, you’ll refresh your knowledge of scada network security through secure network design, firewalls and logical security zones. you’ll build and reinforce your skills as you progress through labs covering a wide range of scada security topics, including reconnaissance, scanning, honeypots, attacks and exploits. infosec skills is a very good place for building technical acumen and engineering development knowledge. infosec skills courses and labs are powered by lx labs — our elite team of cyber smes, learning specialists and community of top-ranked security instructors, published authors and sought-after industry leaders.

for clarity, plc and scada are two separated courses. only plc scada course you can do at home/work and still get all scada courses. from physical elements like control systems and process mapping, to software like plc and gas certification institute (gci) offers training on scada fundamentals. learn about the scada fundamentals, .

course hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m certification of completion: a certificate of completion indicating the total number once you have completed all the requirements of this program, you can request to receive a certificate. core courses ( the certified scada security architect (cssa) certification path covers everything from field-based attacks to,

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