fletc economic crimes investigation and analysis

program description: the ciaetp is an intensive training program that introduces participants to the principles and techniques governing the acquisition of computer data files during the course of an investigation, and the subsequent search and seizure of computer related equipment/media, and its analysis for investigative leads. within the investigative scenario, students are exposed to legal issues, investigative techniques in requesting computer files through subpoenas, and composition of an affidavit for a search warrant using appropriate wording, directed toward computer equipment. prerequisites for attendance: completion of either the international banking and money laundering training program (ibmltp) or the domestic money laundering training program (dmltp) is considered a prerequisite for registration.

courses included in the ibmltp are as follows: prerequisites for attendance: the program is designed for federal criminal investigators and law enforcement intelligence analysts involved in financial investigations. therefore, there is a critical need for law enforcement officers to be able to successfully seize, process, and recover computer evidence without compromising the integrity of the computerized evidence. completion of the program is intended to assist in qualifying students as expert witnesses in the processing of seized computer evidence and data recovery. program description: the overall objective of the waitp is to demonstrate and provide instruction in the microcomputer’s use as an advanced investigative tool to improve productivity in criminal investigations.

the economic crimes investigation and analysis (ecia) program is designed for investigators, auditors, analysts and with that information the participants will utilize criminal investigative techniques to financial analysis techniques; tracing funds through financial institutions ; money laundering; asset forfeiture ecia, economic crimes investigation and analysis glynco – export -. iitp, internet investigations training program, .

the program provides a firm foundation and baseline for criminal/law enforcement investigative analysts. it is based new investigative techniques skills in gathering, analyzing, from the fletc criminal investigator training program or equivalent. criminal intelligence analysis-anacapa sciences, inc. 2. federal law enforcement analysts training (fleat), four week,

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