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sergey and vadim golovkin introduced their younger sibling to the sport that eventually would earn him over £25million, urging him to forget his football dreams and aim for a career in the ring. but when the family was notified of their deaths four years apart from each other (in 1990 and 1994), gennady made it his mission to honour them. however, when he turned 22 ‘ggg’ nearly turned his back on boxing because he was sick of the politics that blocked his breakthrough from amateur to professional. one of four boys (he has a twin, maxim), living in kazakhstan was survival of the fittest back then and his brothers sergey and vadim knew gennady needed toughening up. i got it. and i was very, very good. i remember just knowing as soon as i was in the ring, what i needed to do.

so, i stayed in the boxing club.” before, i would get called a “genie,” or “magic man,” or people would say that that i was lucky in my fights even when i beat everybody in russia or in asia. but i couldn’t get a professional contract in my country,” he said. but i couldn’t get a contract. i couldn’t. and with abel, right away, it was like with sergey and vadim: whatever he told me to do, i wouldn’t say no. i look up to him.” incredibly, of the 18 media outlets that were covering the event ten favoured golovkin, seven saw it as a draw and one thought alvarez was the winner.

brewing underneath boxer gennady golovkin’s epic rise is a tragic story that haunts him to this his older brothers, sergey and vadim, had pushed him and his twin brother, max, “his name is gennady golovkin. early life. gennadiy golovkin was born on , in the city of karaganda in the kazakh ssr, soviet union (present-day kazakhstan) to a russian coal miner father and korean mother, who worked as an assistant in a chemical laboratory. he has three brothers, two elder named sergey and vadim and a twin, max., alina golovkina, alina golovkina, gennady golovkin net worth, gennady golovkin next fight, canelo alvarez.

his two older brothers sergey and vadim were killed fighting for the army so it was left to gennady and golovkin was one of four boys – he has a twin, maxim – and, as a young man, he suffered tragedy he’s always done it that way. he’s been effective that way. … i’d rather have an exciting fighter in, canelo record, ggg vs canelo, ggg games

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