how do teachers teach in finland

if you’re a certified teacher or an esl teacher looking to teach abroad, finland might be just the place for you. teaching in finland offers an exciting opportunity to experience first hand one of the world’s most successful education systems. in finland, teaching is the nation’s most respected career and a highly prestigious field of study. there are many opportunities to teach english in finland at private schools and international schools. a growing number of private language schools have increased the demand for tefl (teaching english as a foreign language) teachers in finland. the university of toronto’s tefl online certificate can give you a competitive advantage over other candidates when applying for teaching jobs in finland. teacher applications to international and private language schools in finland are accepted throughout the year.

as the teaching profession is held in high regard, teachers with advanced and specialized degrees are in particular demand in finland. private schools in finland will often help new hires with visa costs and work permits. finnish people are some of the best english speakers in europe, making it an attractive option for native english speakers looking to teach abroad. helsinki is home to a vibrant art scene and boasts plenty of unique cultural and historical attractions. when it comes to fresh air and outdoor pursuits, finland is a haven for avid hikers and kayakers. a great way to experience the magical aurora borealis (northern lights) is by visiting finnish lapland (otherwise known as the home of santa claus). some of finland’s most popular dishes feature reindeer and fried baltic herring.

want to know how much money you can make teaching in finland? use our teach abroad salary calculator to find out! “i think, in fact, teachers would tear off their shirts,” said timo heikkinen, a helsinki principal with 24 years of teaching – we teach trainees to make professional judgements and pedagogical decisions, sirkku myllyntausta, . students in finland can expect a 15-minute break for every 45 minutes of classroom instruction, and research shows that these kinds of breaks help students stay focused during class. taking a 15-minute break for every 45 minutes of classroom instruction like the finnish do seems unimaginable to most american teachers.

what’s the secret to the success of the finnish education looked after by 13 teachers and nine teaching assistants. “pupils do not have their own classrooms, or desks or tables. the attractiveness of teaching likely has much more to do with the selection process, the work itself, and the working i strongly believe the work of teaching itself should be rewarding, with opportunities for independent work,

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