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in-service training activities in the two education… the purpose of this qualitative study was to explore the perceptions of in-service teachers concerning the effectiveness of technology training from a teacher education preparation program to in-service professional development. this study used questionnaire that targeted a line of… today, the means of following the developments in the area of science and technology is to keep up with the pace of the advancements in this area. the programme was based on the use of the environment as an educational resource, and sought to develop… this paper reviewed policy provisions for “pre-service” and “in-service” teacher training programmes and facilities in nigeria. the research was conducted using semi-structured interviews with a sample of 11… a pilot study to determine the influence upon teachers and upon students of a television program designed to provide in-service training and classroom instruction in spanish. the goals of the in-service training were to make teachers more responsive to students’ affective and cognitive… this paper focuses on the impact of the organization of teaching approaches on the effectiveness of training for jordanian efl teachers. the department of basic education expects school heads and teachers to bring change in their school performances. questionnaires and semi-structured interviews were employed to… needs assessment of science teachers in secondary schools in kumasi, ghana: a basis for in-service education training programs at the science resource centers the purpose of this study was twofold. the aim of the current study was to implement a teacher training program and evaluate its effects and appropriateness. it is a necessity in enhancing work performance and motivation of teachers in the field. thirteen of the tapes were classroom… the aim of this study is to determine the needs of special education teachers about curriculum development, and to implement the constructivist approach to in-service training programme for special education teachers. participants in the study were asked to participate in semi-structured… this document gives the rationale for the content and method of five teacher and teacher-aide training workshops. teacher training is a multi-dimensional process which comprises the selection of teacher candidates, pre-service training, appointment, in-service training and teaching practices. by integrating teacher training into curricula, the importance of teaching and educational scholarship is highlighted. (author) this article examines an in-service training for early childhood teachers in the context of a financial, administrative, and political crisis. (db) this study aimed to identify the training needs of the in-service primary school teachers in the city of benghazi, libya. thus the ministry of education prefers training teachers in service. these teachers… teachers from the netherland’s 26 higher technical colleges in need of a teaching qualification (called an “informatica”) were able to obtain it by in-service training, organized and offered by universities. findings demonstrated that online call training was beneficial for… the purpose of this study is to understand in-service preschool teachers’ thoughts about technology and technology use in early educational settings. in this article, teacher training is conceptualized as a behavior change process with explicit teacher motivation components included to help effect the intended behavior (i.e., implementation). the implementation bottleneck is in-service teacher training and there are few models of effective implementation available for teachers to emulate. obstacles to certification and the importance of a strong partnership with colleges of education will be discussed. role playing and small-group interaction help the teachers overcome their reluctance to use computers and plan for effective implementation of microcomputers in the school. this paper examines changes made in the teacher training programs of five institutions in four countries in response to the idea of lifelong learning. the purpose of this current study was to investigate the reasoning stages of in-service middle and high school mathematics teachers in geometry. this training program has been developed in the context of comenius 2.1 which is a european union program. empirical results from cascade training in anglophone cameroon this paper examines the effects of a professional development programme on the attitudes towards the teaching and learning of teachers in the anglophone part of cameroon. in so doing, the participant teachers reflected… a teacher professional identity scale was developed for hong kong in-service teachers to measure the professional identity of teachers. in order to select the most efficient educational software for their class, teachers should… the purpose of this study is to determine the opinions of administrators of national education directiorate, school directors and vice-school directors about the in-service activities and the system of in-service training programs related to work security. within a core subject in the teacher training diploma course, students were asked to assess different methodological proposals aimed at promoting the development of their personal, social, and professional competences. the development of this action research has brought to light ethical, scientific, and political questions in the school system. (ama) technological, pedagogical and content knowledge (tpack) provides a theoretical lens which attempts to identify the nature of knowledge required by teachers for technology integration in their teaching. in this work, nineteen teachers from native american communities attended a professional development workshop that focused on enhancing their… this paper reports on how different types of teachers responded to in-service aimed at developing investigative-based science education (ibse) in primary schools, and the extent to which they applied their new skills in the classroom. the purpose of this study is to analyze the processes of how classroom teachers are selected, trained, and supported as guiding teachers in one urban teacher education program. a class of 37 in-service government school teachers from the nablus (palestine) district was studied to investigate the effects of 18 hours of training in instructional designer’s competencies (idc) on teachers’ planning routine, and their students’ academic achievement. this study aimed at filling this… as teacher educators, we implore teacher candidates to understand the cultures and experiences of their students to engage them in learning. the purpose of this article is to examine different characteristics of praise and the training methods used in the literature.

the purposes of this study were to identify the in-service needs of high school science teachers in istanbul, turkey according to the subgroups such as school type and gender and determine the priority obstacles preventing these science teachers from attendance at in-service programs. the increase in the rate of autism diagnoses has created a growing demand for teachers who are trained to use effective interventions. this paper reports on an investigation into the sophomore and senior preservice teachers’ computer literacy in different teacher training programs and to determine relationship between grades and the teacher training programs in terms of their computer literacy. eighteen experienced teachers participated in a delphi-like survey that… three papers consider the training and qualifications of teachers and workers for the deaf. chapter iii is a… this paper is an attempt to evaluate the emotional intelligence (eq) in-service program on the basis of experiences of 20 secondary school teachers who attended the program in a private school in turkey. in… the purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of in-service music teachers who chose to pursue a master’s degree in music education through distance learning. borrowing from an original… the focus of this study is an in-service training program rooted in routines-based early intervention and designed to improve the quality of goals and objectives on individualized plans. the steps ahead are how to reach educators that might benefit from our program and how to help build a more fair and science literate society, a society in which good tools and resources for science education are not the privilege of a few. partnerships involving pre-service teachers and volunteer in-service colleagues were formed to teach science in the classroom of the colleague, with support from the science education lecturer. in this presentation, we detail the design and development of a new online astronomy course to be offered through the m.ed. this paper describes the process of developing an in-service training programme for teachers who deal with learners with emotional and behavioural barriers in their classrooms. in this study, the impact of a clinical teacher training on teaching effectiveness was assessed in an intensive course in emergency medicine. the seven booklets provide a guide representing an integration of metric teaching methods and metric materials to place the adult in an active learning… technology is changing paradigms in education rapidly and teachers are caught unguarded due to lack of professional training in this aspect. the problem of… this article reports on the findings of a study undertaken to examine the links between leadership practices of a transformational nature and the transfer of teacher training in the public high schools in kuwait. in the second stage, the findings were employed through ’walker and avants strategy for theory construction so as to design an optimal model for in-service training of nursing staff. this study was undertaken in order to determine the effects of an in-service teacher training program in the use of the science curriculum improvement study (scis) program. discussions within… the purpose of this quantitative correlational study was to examine the relationship, if any, between teacher training and teacher use of a laptop in a one-to-one laptop program. however, limited research has been done on a needs analysis for teachers who plan to make… this article examines the viability of problem based learning (pbl) in the training of teachers for the public schools. the program provides professional training for unqualified palestine refugee teachers working in schools… adaptive capacity in the pacific region: a study of continuous professional development for in-service teachers in kiribati this study of i-kiribati secondary school teachers used a project-based approach to investigate the notions of school-based and collaborative learning as a suitable model for in-service teacher continuous professional development (cpd). a total of 51 primary and secondary education teachers participated in the study, immediately following the blended training course. one panel says that the best way to improve teacher education is to make it a continuum, with school districts taking more responsibility for the initial preparation of new teachers and university faculty playing a bigger role in ongoing professional development. the objective of this study is to identify and explain the process of in-service training of nursing personnel in the hospitals affiliated with baqiyatallah university of medical sciences in tehran. the impact this german philosophy and training has had on the education of physical education teachers is discussed. the relation between academic burnout and the self-perception of skills in initial teacher training is subjected to analysis. the objective of this study is to identify the effect of primary education initial teacher training in the prediction of future cl use. this forced union has led to implications in the practices and teaching of geography. compared with other surveys, it emphasized that in addition to the need of diversifying the theoretical (thematic, interactive media and teaching, teachers, etc.) this article explores the context… teacher leadership is about empowering teachers to take a more active role in school improvement. to open an opportunity for novelty we have introduced a new approach in “biochemistry teaching”, a course included in the biochemistry graduate program of the biochemistry department (universidade estadual de campinas and universidade de são paulo). this article reports on a study that investigated the perceptions of 25 pre-service and 21 in-service malaysian science teachers in adopting an interdisciplinary project-based stem approach to teaching science. preservice teachers’ classroom management training: a survey of self-reported training experiences, content coverage, and preparedness many teachers report that their preservice training in classroom management was inadequate or ineffective, but little is known about the types of training they receive. results: the results revealed that 94/6% of librarians were satisfied to participate in virtual in-service training courses. results: the results revealed that 94/6% of librarians were satisfied to participate in virtual in-service training courses. the aim of this study was to analyze possible differences in the factors of… developing a scale to measure content knowledge and pedagogy content knowledge of in-service elementary teachers on fractions the main purpose of this study was to develop a scale for measuring content knowledge (ck) and pedagogy content knowledge (pck) of in-service elementary teachers on mathematical fractions. effects of alternate format in-service delivery on teacher knowledge base and problem-solving related to autism & adaptations: what teachers need to know this study’s purpose was to explore effectiveness of alternate format in-service delivery for what teachers needed to know to effectively teach their students with autism spectrum disorder/high functioning autism/asperger syndrome (asd/hfa/as) in the general education setting. research suggests that these programs need to engage pre- and in-service teachers in using and reflecting on these types of resources, as well as take background in-service training is a key strategic approach to addressing the severe shortage of health care workers in many countries. a general inductive methodology was used for the conceptualization and development of the framework.

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teacher education in iceland university of education sólrún b. kristinsdóttir head of the mediacentre iceland university gestalt workshops: suggested in-service training for teachers. powerpoint presentations, word & pdf materials, web sites, publications, working sheets as well as practical duties like participation a policy framework for recruitment and selection into the teaching service is a system priority. activities: training for teachers, whole school program development, policy development; stakeholders:, types of in-service training, in-service teacher education concept importance and objectives, in-service training program, benefits of in-service training

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