indoor kayak training

developed by jackson kayak’s eric jackson and manhattan kayak company’s eric stiller, the paddle station trainer is designed not only for paddlers frustrated by an inability to get in the water for training on a daily or sometimes weekly basis, but also for those just interested in all-around fitness training. “therefore, they aren’t in the kind of condition they want to be in when the do go kayaking, unless they go to the gym or do some kind of home workout.” in addition, discs included with a package allow someone to incline or decline the boat for additional types of training, and the bungees can be adjusted to increase or decrease resistance. in first order, the station, ready now for delivery, will be promoted and sold in the outdoor industry to kayakers interested in training when they can’t get to the water.

“we intend to develop the kind of program that a club can use our paddle station for the workout, and the boats in their pools and for outings. they can also be a way to promote participation in an outdoor activity or to cross-train for the activity when a person can’t get to it. in this case, to become …read more getting fit and healthy doing indoor exercise goes hand-in-hand with getting fit using outdoor activities, a recent harris interactive survey has found. a majority of those surveyed (79 percent) said a combination of indoor and outdoor exercise is the best way to go, while only …read more after 18 years in the retail paddlesports business, alder creek kayak & canoe owners steve and cindy scherrer, and keith jensen, have sold the portland, ore.-based, business to two former employees, jim miller and dave slover.

sports specific training anytime, anywhere same compact solution for indoor kayak, canoe, dragon boat and now that rivers are icing up in the upper midwest, it may finally be time to declare the end of the 2015 kayak or canoe and create a dryland training system that turns your outdoor boat into an indoor gym., .

there’s a new type of triathlon that incorporates kayaking! here a few tips for training for this race and some good kayak learn a few simple strength-training exercises to prepare you for kayaking. in this article you’ll also find a simple manufactures and designers of world class ergometers and kayaks.,

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