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by the end of the season, watt had set the record for tipped passes by a defensive lineman with 16. he finished the year with an unprecedented combination. watt wasn’t afraid to define his position, and he had a coordinator who supported that. “when i started out it was a two-gap defense; the defensive ends had to play two-gap and be able to rush the passer,” phillips said. we started stunting the guys and moving them and let them do what they do well, playing a 3-4, but playing a different way, phillips 3-4 if you want to call it that. instinct led to one of the greatest plays in franchise history when he scored on the interception return in the first half against the bengals. “the first time i felt like me again was the indianapolis colts game last year when we played at their place.

you tip a ball and it gets intercepted, it ends up being a huge play in the game.” against the broncos, watt had 2½ sacks, in part due to his ability to know when peyton manning was directly behind him and he should turn around. not in this quantity, but he’s the kind of guy where we can put him at a spot and we know he’ll make plays and the linebackers will just play off him.” the truth is, even when watt wasn’t making a play, he was often affecting plays. when watt got serious about shaping his body for football, his father took him to a local trainer near pewaukee, wis. that size is formidable, but watt also had a 37-inch vertical leap at the 2011 nfl combine, the second highest among defensive linemen that year. effort is why he is the nfl defensive player of the year and why he might be in the pro football hall of fame, which phillips predicted for him before the season began. please subscribe on your favorite podcast app, and give us a five-star rating on apple podcasts.

watt has a wingspan of 82 1/2 inches and each hand measures 11 1⁄8 inches wide. that size is height 6-5 weight 288 arms 34 hands 11 1/8. we’ve talked about watt’s athleticism, but what about his freakish wingspan? watt’s 82.5 inches of, jj watt weight, jj watt weight, j.j. watt stats, jj watt bench press, j.j. watt size.

j. j. watt, houston’s second-year defensive lineman, is a tormentor inches, and at 6 feet 5 inches, he has a wingspan of 82 ½ inches — by building more pump fakes into their throws. even when watt is doubled he still makes an impact. watt has a wing span of nearly 7-feet and his older brothers are j. j. watt of the houston texans and steelers teammate derek watt. contents., j.j. watt bench press combine, jj watt diet, jj watt net worth, jj watt brothers

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