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celebrity trainer jason walsh takes time from his schedule to talk about his background and how he has evolved into a successful trainer. [ matt ] first off i would just like to say thank you, jason for taking time out of your busy day to do this interview for us. it is an honor talking to such a successful trainer and a great source of inspiration to a trainer like myself. during my last year in school i started interning for an incredible coach, greg gatz, who is the head strength and conditioning coach for olympic sports at unc. we took care of 440 athletes from various sports and i probably learned more from greg and his assistant, steve gisselman, than i did from all my years of schooling. i volunteered my time and skills to help with the ’06 combine group helping to produce first pick mario williams and vernon davis to name a few. i am certified through the nsca with a cscs and nsca-cpt certification. [ matt ] do you only train celebrities and athletes or do you also train anyone who walks into a gym and wants to work with a trainer? it’s not to say those types of trainers don’t exist but i guess i thought i could bring something better to the table for an industry plagued with stereotypes – raise the bar.

i’ve been comfortable in a gym since i was a kid, and i love coaching; so i guess it was the answer that was starring me in the face for some time. [ matt ] what is it like to have your name out in magazines showing your success with your clients – specifically celebrities and athletes? i can’t tell you how many times that i’ve written up interviews only to have it butchered and “dumbed-down” for the unknowledgeable public. it’s an uphill battle and i get frustrated easily. [ matt ] the celebrities that you train, are they everyday clients or do they call on your services to get them in shape for an upcoming movie? had i not decided to start my own business, i might have moved back to north carolina to coach the special forces at fort bragg representing athletes’ performance. luke richesson for pushing me to my potential and mike boyle for inspiring me with his knowledge. i hope to someday help the industry rise to a better standard. [ matt ] thank you again, jason for doing this interview. matt graduated from penn state with a degree in kinesiology.

jason walsh. crossfit. open. 9. united states. cfid. 5689. division. men (45-49 ). age. 49. height. 5’11”. weight. jason walsh. image courtesy of jasonwalshtraining.com. dot [ matt ] let’s first start off with some jason walsh is in las vegas for another action film, the latest installation of the bourne saga, as matt, jason walsh trainer, jason walsh trainer, jason walsh age, jason walsh interview, jason walsh diet plan.

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