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since april 2011, more than 12 million people have indicated a decision for christ through, part of bgea’s search for jesus ministry, which aims to engage people with the gospel online. “god has made it possible to have search for jesus interactive websites in english, spanish, portuguese, arabic, and chinese, the five most common languages used on the internet,” franklin graham said. he was connected with a trained volunteer chat coach in arkansas and began the conversation by saying, “i want to know how to find this jesus i have been hearing about!” the coach, praying as he typed, started explaining god’s plan of salvation. his heart sank and his prayers instantly changed to asking god for the connection to be restored. the coach then offered advice on reading the bible and personal prayer, and about finding a church where he could grow in his faith.

during the conversation, something caused him to mention his health. the coach then pointed him to resources for growing in his walk with god. as her family continued to pray, she came across sfj’sâ online know jesus discipleship course and decided to give it a try. the five-lesson course explores what it means to know christ and live as a christian. “her desire to study scripture and develop a relationship with jesus made my heart sing!” ann said. she made a decision to follow him and signed up for the online know jesus discipleship course.

know jesus is a free course that introduces the basics of what it means to know jesus and live as a christian. it is an sharing hope in crisis student training understand the relationship between biblical doctrine (what you believe) and getting to know jesus bible correspondence course. authordavid pharr. 20 lesson set. out of stock. please login., .

focus of video is who he is and what does it mean to come to know him as who he claims to be literally god in the they need to know that jesus christ is the only one who gives us true purpose and fulfills our greatest need. getting to know jesus 20-lesson bible correspondence course. $2,

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