leveled literacy intervention training powerpoint

“, “description”: “at your table, decide on how many of something you have between all of you,and be ready to share out with the group. { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/12499072/74/images/5/how+will+it+benefit+my+students.jpg”, “name”: “how will it benefit my students”, “description”: “the goal of lli is to lift the literacy achievement of students who are not achieving grade-level expectations in reading. “, “width”: “1024” } 6 understanding lli: the essential elements-rereading -phonics -reading a new book with several levels of support -writing about reading -letter/word work patrice { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/12499072/74/images/6/understanding+lli%3a+the+essential+elements.jpg”, “name”: “understanding lli: the essential elements”, “description”: “-rereading. hayley { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/12499072/74/images/8/odd+vs.+even+lessons+-odd+lessons+are+based+on+the+group%e2%80%99s+instructional+text+level..jpg”, “name”: “odd vs. even lessons -odd lessons are based on the group’s instructional text level. { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/12499072/74/images/11/let%e2%80%99s+take+a+look+at+the+lesson.jpg”, “name”: “let’s take a look at the lesson”, “description”: “lesson walk-through of an odd and even lesson.

hayley share rereading books and new book clip from dvd { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/12499072/74/images/13/video+demo+lesson+view+video+clip+of+a+lesson+from+dvd+included+in+the+kit..jpg”, “name”: “video demo lesson view video clip of a lesson from dvd included in the kit. patrice { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/12499072/74/images/15/word+work.jpg”, “name”: “word work”, “description”: “if students don’t need the word work that is in the lesson plan, use the continuum of literacy learning word work ideas for each level, to choose word work that is tied to the text, and also what the students need. { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/12499072/74/images/17/running+records+course+on+moodle.jpg”, “name”: “running records course on moodle”, “description”: “online running records course: -moodle. hayley { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/12499072/74/images/19/online+resource+register+your+lli+kit+on+this+website+with+your+kit%e2%80%99s+code%3a.jpg”, “name”: “online resource register your lli kit on this website with your kit’s code:”, “description”: “•input your & choose a password. – patrice at: { “@context”: “”, “@type”: “imageobject”, “contenturl”: “/slide/12499072/74/images/21/-+patrice+at%3a.jpg”, “name”: “- patrice at:”, “description”: “questions -ask the intervention specialist(s) on your campus for further support or questions you may have with any aspect of lli.

fountas & pinnell – leveled literacy intervention. 11,790 views. share; like; download literacy. strategies. leveled literacy intervention (lli). leveled literacy intervention (lli). lli is a small-group, what is lli? lli is a small group supplementary intervention. designed for children who find reading and. writing difficult., .

lli is a supplemental, five day a week 30 minute literacy intervention for k, 1, and 2 students who struggle with literacy presentation on theme: “understanding and implementing lli”— presentation transcript: 1 understanding and presentation on theme: “leveled literacy intervention fountas and pinnell”— presentation transcript: 1 leveled,

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