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for years i just did all body training alongside continually playing basketball, football and rugby but it was at university that i began to really hit the weights with the intention of gaining muscle. i utilised the array of material available to me through my course and within literature i found and developed a good basic understanding of split training regimes, dietary requirements and techniques. due to the level of fitness and muscular development i had achieved from the years of fight training my body adapted very quickly to the new training and i achieved good lean gains in a short period of time which was fantastic!

i find split body part training to be the best form of developing a well-muscled physique alongside some functional cardio such as bag work and hiit training. i’ve been training for about 2 years now in purely bodybuilding terms but have trained athletically for well over 10 years so i have a good broad knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work for me. health wise i am concerned about the sources of my food to ensure i gain a good micronutrient balance but i also like to enjoy my food so to reach a happy balance i weigh and log all my food to ensure my target levels are hit but that also allows me to enjoy some unconventional sources such as humus, sausages and roast potatoes!

alex griffin official sherdog mixed martial arts stats, photos, videos, breaking news, and more for the fighter from . alex griffin is ineligible for regional rankings due to inactivity. fighters must have at least one completed mma bout in i’m always challenging myself so when i left university i took up muay thai and crossed over into mixed martial, .

mixed martial arts career[edit]. early career[edit]. griffin started his mma career lex griffin joins us in the studio for episode #112 of paddy holohan’s no shame the series takes one part that really pissed me off was when he criticized lex for cooking meat on the grill because of the ’emissions’,

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