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In those moments when you’re struggling to make a choice, a decision matrix is the tool you need to identify the best way forward. But, when it comes to considering all of the important factors that are part of your eventual decision, there’s one method that reigns supreme: the decision matrix. To create the matrix, you determine what criteria matters in making your final decision and then also assign a weight to each piece of criteria. This allows you to prioritize what factors matter most and, as a result, mathematically identify which of your options is the best one. After chatting with your team and asking for their suggestions, you’ve narrowed down your locations to the following three options: Now that you’ve zoned in on these three choices, you decide to use a decision matrix to figure out which city is the best fit for your team’s needs. To start, you need to create the skeleton of your table. You’ll end up with something that looks like this: Now that you’ve outlined your options and the factors that play a part in your decision, it’s time to score your options accordingly.

Work your way through your table to honestly rate each of your options based on the assigned criteria. That means it’s time to assign weights to all of our criteria to get a handle on which location scores best in the factors that matter most to you. Now that you have your weights, you multiply them by each score of your location in order to get a weighted score (essentially, one that considers the importance of each factor). To do so, add the weighted scores across the row for each location to get a total and then list those in the “Score” column that you created. What to wear, what to eat for lunch, what to prioritize for your team… the list goes on and on. It considers all of the factors that you deem as important and gives you a clear answer about which of your choices stack up the best—so you don’t have to feel overly-stressed or worn down about shooting in the dark. Free for 30 days, cancel any time Check out our friends Teamweek for project management, and Hundred5 for recruiting.

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