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Library’s Business Planning Blog Library’s Building a Business Blog Library’s Strategic Planning Blog The following framework can be filled in by readers to design a logic model (or diagram) for their organization and for each of its programs. A logic model is a top-level depiction the flow of materials and processes to produce the results desired by the organization or program. However, you might benefit more from using logic models to analyze and describe the major, recurring activities that occur in the organization or program (once they’re built) to continue to produce the results desired for clients and the community. Note the content of program logic models is often more specific than models for organizations. These are materials that the organization or program takes in and then processes to produce the results desired by the organization.

Processes are used by the organization or program to manipulate and arrange items to produce the results desired by the organization or program. For example, the major processes used by a nonprofit program that provides training to clients might include recruitment of learners, pretesting of learners, training, post-testing and certification. However, if the outputs aren’t directly associated with achieving the benefits desired for clients, then the outputs are poor indicators of the success of the organization and its programs. The following example is intended to further portray the nature of inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes. You might think of a system in your work or personal life and diagram the system in the template.

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