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A model release form is a legal document used for photographs, videos, and other forms of art that involve using the actual image of or a representation of a person. The purpose of a model release form is to document in writing that the model gives a photographer, videographer, or other person using their image full legal rights. While the model is releasing their legal interest for the image, the form can be modified. If the model would like to retain the right to use the photo, that should be included in the form before it is signed. A model release form is sometimes referred to as a model release agreement.

If the model is a minor, there are state and federal laws that must be followed. This includes your legal name (and stage or artist name if it is different from your legal name) and any studio that you may be affiliated with that may use the image. A model release form should be signed by both the artist and the model. This document should be in writing and it should be signed by all of the parties involved (including a parent or guardian for minors). Once it is signed, make sure that each party receives a copy of the executed document.

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