Free Wordpress Template

Wordpress is a free CMS system for online blogging. Wordpress has a powerful and flexible template system that enable the website administrator switch the theme.

 Our free Wordpress theme is compatible with Wordpress 3.0 system and created with the principle of "keep it simple".

The free Wordpress has same style and layout with our moodle template, if you are using both the system, these template will be your best choice.

Education Book Wordpress Template

web template Education Book for Wordpress 3.0 or above
The free Wordpress template has a simple and clean design. If you are using our Education Book template for Moodle, the template would be your good choice to intergrade Moodle and Wordpress  smoothly and have a unfiled style and design.
Download Wordpress Template


web template Simple Blue Design

* Flexible Design
* Two columns
* Cross platform support