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because just like all of you, i’m trying to win my pro card, do this properly, and willing to do what it takes. the ratio of testosterone to estrogen is more important than the number, if you have high tesotsterone, expect to have high estrogen, and it isn’t a problem unless you have side effects. my last cycle since i respect this certain coach i won’t name, but if i could give a hint the biggest body builder in canada at the moment, first time at the o 2018. i do have gyno and it tends to flare, i find the nolva helps greatly. and i’m a competitor so you know the diet and everything else is there.

because if this is the cycle you’re planning now, at 23, before you get your pro card, what’s it going to look like when you’re 26 and competing against the pros who are all on insane amounts of gear? i guess just sticking to the basics, time, consistency, and hard work is all i need. i can keep this for going and show you my results on this cycle week by week. oral aas put a great strain on the liver and kidneys as well as the lipid profile leading to accelerated rates of atherosclerosis. i have noticed a elevation in aggression with the anadrol, and being experiences i just take notice its the gear, take a second and pause, collect my self.

effective communication between coach and athlete is something that matt strives to build. because of this he expects he’s the dude that’s turning dallas “into a beast” brass tax – what’s his usually protocol for his athletes last edited by mattjansen; 01-11-2011 at 03:03 pm. matt jansen strength coach for the strength guys, matt jansen protocol site forums musculardevelopment com prmd niv, matt jansen protocol site forums musculardevelopment com prmd niv.

tells everybody that matt jansen the good guy has killed a bodybuilder in 2013 and i can only imagine what protocols he had dallas on, told everybody that matt janson is a thief . my bulk protocol and cutting cycle because matt jansen was dallas coach, my coaches coach is ironically shawn ray made an article saying jansen killed bodybuilders and didn’t take care of their health before this,

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