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tl;dr: the mountain dog training e-book is a solid resource for training with more of a bodybulding emphasis and is very well-priced at $15 now in the promo period, up to $30 whenever that ends. i’d be surprised if anyone here didn’t know his name, but john is an ifbb pro and major player in the bodybuilding industry, writing for elitefts and t-nation about his mountain dog training method. he makes it clear that this is not a powerlifting resource and doesn’t provide guidelines for contest/meet prep or anything beyond the training itself, but the main barbell movements are very much still involved in this program, so he says to expect some carryover. i compete in strongman and train for strongman most of the year, though at this point i’m not a real serious competitor. he also provides a ton of intensification techniques, that section is very thorough and should provide for some fun painful training sessions.

given the lack of firm guidelines, i’d expect this to take me some time to dial in, but there is a ton of information there to work with for anyone else who doesn’t know much about bodybuilding training but has enough experience with lifting to be able to do some intelligent trial-and-error. yeah, i agree, but i still think the general advice and info as well as the explanation of the 4-part system is worth it for $15. if you get ahold of one of his programs, he outlines why you do a certain exercise, what the intention is and he has plenty of how to videos on his youtube. i bought it last week in the hope it would cover pre-pump exercise selection in more depth and in that respect i was disappointed. i get that it must be frustrating, but after reading /u/strikerrjones’ post on the fact that what matters for hypertrophy is the number of hard sets, wouldn’t that guideline actually be all you really need to approximate the stress you are putting on your body? like i said, i know there’s individual variation and room for experimentation, but i also think that most people who buy an e-book are going to want to feel like they can sit down and write/design a program from what they just read.

2 months into the program, it dawns on me, the guy openly admits he uses gear. of course his expectations and advice are to add to this; the program uses a rpe (estimated reps-in-reserve, or erir) and most workouts are quite far away from 52 votes, 41 comments. hi! has anyone tried any of the john meadows’ programs while being drug-free? what program, .

and eat in a way to fuel your workouts (carbs around a workout for example), but allows more flexibility in food choice. just a plug for mountain dog training. i’m a month into running the creeping death program on a bulk, with test deca natural vs enhanced: becoming the best bodybuilder you can be (jeff nippard and john ‘mountaindog’ meadows).,

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