mystery shopping seminar

in fact, i have already recouped all the costs (direct and incidental) of both my silver and gold certifications. it was especially nice to be able to talk to and visit with some of the mspa companies that attended the seminar. i especially found it very valuable to hear a view of things from the company side. “i want to thank you for the great day of learning and comraderie at the orlando gold workshop. i have received a lot of positive feedback from the schedulers and mystery shopping companies i have contacted regarding my new gold certification status.”

it was fun too, exchanging shopping experiences and getting to put a face with some of the usernames who have posted on various message boards. i believe these types of programs are going to raise the standard for shoppers that have a serious commitment to this profession. i have found even non mspa companies still recognize it to be the best authority for mystery shopping. i was especially impressed and grateful to see that the training emphasizes the perspective of mystery shopping companies and their needs. “a closer look was proud to sponsor the atlanta mspa gold certification seminar in 2003 and will do so again in 2004. we feel that the gold certification is a win for both the shopper and for our industry. in the day and age of computers and e-mail, it was also great to be able to meet some of our veteran shoppers face to face and actually have time to talk with them about issues that affect us all.

this seminar will teach you all you need to know to become a successful mystery shopper. the seminar includes the do you want to get paid to shop or earn extra money? this seminar will teach you all you need to know observations might consist of a phone call, a hotel stay, a bar visit, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a seminar, a gym membership, .

mystery shopping could be the missing piece, the way to finally find out what has you stuck in second place. is there a groundbreaking seminar or book you missed? probably not. there’s one reason seminar review: video shopping pros. i recently attended a day long video shopping workshop presented by jeff “as a relatively new mystery shopper, i worked hard to become the best shopper i could be. when a gold certificate seminar was scheduled, i plucked down more than $100 in registration, booked my,

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