neat apprenticeship interview

although the job pays well and provides excellent benefits, the work is physically and mentally demanding. you must be able to maintain focus at all times as the job includes working with high voltages and mistakes can easily lead to severe injury or death. to apply for the apprenticeship program, you must at least meet the minimum requirements to apply as outlined in the “minimum requirements” section of this website. you will be required to pay the associated $25 testing fee, which covers the cost of the aptitude test which is explained in step 3. when your application is successfully completed and submitted, you will be scheduled to take the aptitude test. once scheduled, you will receive a notification telling you when and where you will be tested. the test is scored by a third party company and scored on a 0 to 9 scale. if you score below a 3, you will be required to wait six months to re-apply and re-take the test if you decide to do so.

if you pass the aptitude test and are scheduled for an interview, you should contact the northeastern apprenticeship training office in order to determine the best way to get us your resume and/or any other certifications or materials you feel will set you apart from other applicants. when you show up for your interview, you will be given a brief introduction to our program, followed by an interview with a committee made up of power line contractors and members of the local union. the scores are averaged and you are then put on a waiting list according to your average. as mentioned before, you are placed on the waiting list according to your average score. for example, if you interview in december and score a 90, you will be placed on the list above anyone who is currently on the list with a score below 90. the list is also confidential and you will not be given your score. if you don’t score well or work in your area is really slow, you will remain on the list for two years, at which point you will be notified that you have been removed from the waiting list. if you’re removed from the list and still want to join the apprenticeship, we encourage you to re-apply.

become an outside lineman with neat, today! if you score a 3 or better, you will be scheduled for an interview. prior to interviewing the applicant, the interviewer may review a copy of the application form (if provided) and the. when becoming an apprentice through the neat program or any of the other regional ibew joint apprenticeship, neat apprenticeship interview site www reddit com prmd niv, neat apprenticeship interview site www reddit com prmd niv, neat apprenticeship interview

application process for neat- local 104 the scheduling of your test and interview could take two months, meaning hey guys new to the forum i have my outside lineman interview may 17 at local 400, wall nj. curious neca-ibew apprenticeship. this website offers courses on resume writing, review for the aptitude test, and interview,

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