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the trainees in all academic programs are engaged in research projects and outreach activities that instill in our students an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of the occupational safety and health professions. in addition, through the continuing education program and the outreach components of the labor occupational health program, the erc provides continuing education courses and outreach activities to other health professionals. since 1977, the university of cincinnati education and research center (uc erc)external icon has served the regional and national needs in occupational safety and health through interdisciplinary academic education, research training, and professional development courses. the programs in continuing professional education and outreach are dynamic and creative efforts at serving the occupational safety and health needs of new england and providing an integrative force to link the community.

continuing education and outreach components bring the strengths of the core programs to practicing occupational health and safety professionals. each academic program upholds the strong research tradition of the school, and we strive to address the priority areas set by niosh in the national occupational research agenda. the sunshine erc at the university of south floridaexternal iconĀ is a regional resource for industry, labor, government and the public in the areas of occupational health and safety. in addition to the academic degree programs, the erc has active continuing education and outreach programs (ce) and a pilot projects research training program (pprtp) that provide a full spectrum of training opportunities. the northwest center for occupational health and safetyexternal icon is a multidisciplinary training program located at the university of washington, dedicated to the prevention of work-related injury and illness.

niosh ercs help translate scientific discoveries into practice through effective education, training, and outreach. erc niosh education and research centers are multidisciplinary centers source: 2011-12 erc annual reports. niosh education and research centers (ercs) niosh currently funds 17 university-based education and research centers (erc). the goal of the ercs is to provide an adequate supply of qualified personnel, including occupational and environmental health nurses, by providing education., niosh erc funding, niosh erc funding, niosh scholarship, niosh traineeship, niosh oep.

national institute for occupational safety and health (niosh). the erc supports traineeships at three uc campuses, selected erc news and research by faculty. niosh awards small grants for occupational research training. carerc is the only niosh-funded education and research center dedicated exclusively to serving workers,, niosh funding, niosh erc trainee, niosh education research center, erc pilot grant

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