professional development presentation ideas

these topics are all general enough that you can come up with lots of sub-topic ideas that are specific to your company and industry. give tips for working together to ensure that the entire team functions well and that all team members are realizing their potential. discuss various steps that employees at all levels can take to prepare themselves for management positions within the company. setting professional goals can help employees get organized and give them a clear vision of where they want to go within the company. encourage all employees to learn leadership skills in their areas of expertise and offer a variety of resources that they can explore to further hone these techniques. influential people are more likely to be promoted and to have their voices heard.

no one likes to get bogged down in office procedures that seem redundant and may be outdated. persuasive communication applies to a number of different situations and people. explore the various ways that persuasive communication skills can be used and honed. define what it means for your company and explain the criteria that you are meeting to achieve it. explain the difference with examples, and highlight some great, simple ways for employees to let co-workers know that they are appreciated. no matter what you’re using these topics for, they can be most effective when they are timely to what is happening within your business.

whether it’s a simple presentation to fellow employees or a speech given to a large gathering at a conference, tips for facilitate learning. consider your role when delivering pd to be one of a facilitator of learning. plan, plan, plan, and prepare. allow for choice. not too much. start and end on time. build on existing expertise. treat your adult learners like adults. attend to the environment. professional development. frederick burrack – director of training – new ideas . • collaboration – across the state., .

professional development doesn’t have to be a drag. engage with my first presentation at a teacher conference was in 2012. my state more ideas for professional development … stem, steam, career readiness, industry connection topics. adult learners, like children, need to inquire, reflect, exper- iment with, and evaluate the results of new ideas and prac-.,

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