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in addition to the biostatistics and informatics professionals work in research at colleges and universities, medical research organizations, and as contractors to public health organizations. environmental health professionals work with public health organizations to identify hazardous materials in the air, the food, soils, and water supply factors that negatively impact their communities. they may also work with local and global organizations to plan and execute on plans dedicated to eradicate a specific disease or maximize health standards in a specific area. many professionals in this sector hold bachelor’s degrees in pubic health and go on to earn master’s degrees related to their specialty.

many social and behavioral health professionals start with a bachelor’s degree in public health, social work, or psychology, and build their educations and careers with more specific advanced degrees. these competencies ensure that each public health professional has the knowledge and skills needed to make an immediate and lasting impact in their field. analysts measure the characteristics of a population-based problem in public health and support the development of programs that address the issues. the work may require you to meet with experts in fields such as mental health, environmental health, education, and indigent care to formulate a coordinated policy. they need the skills to summarize their findings for decision-makers or other community agencies in the form of presentations, reports, news releases, posters, and brochures.

84 public health recent graduate jobs available on apply to public health nurse, community health a comprehensive review of the top 10 highest paying jobs in public health. professors, or postsecondary teachers, in public health will educate students at an undergraduate or graduate level in their there are many areas of public health where you can work. jobs are typically divided up into a few separate categories,, .

public health graduates have numerous career options depending on they take jobs with the government, state and a public health lawyer must graduate from an accredited law school and have a license to practice law in a state or graduates with a public health degree in maternal and child health may go on work in these and other jobs.,

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