racing pigeon training toss

i know some fanciers that do not do this, working on the theory that if a pigeon is too stupid to find food and water it has no place in their loft. when the yb’s can fly up to a perch and are starting to take off from the loft: before the evening feeding say mid afternoon i put them back in a crate within sight of the loft with a water trough on the outside (in case they need  a drink) i leave them for few hours and then release them. if i have travelled a long way i put a drinker on the outside and fill with water hoping the pigeons will learn to take opportunities to drink. i also continue my basket training by putting my pigeons in a crate the night before a training toss, and leaving them in the back of pick up truck overnight.

a week or two prior to the first race i  focus on release points 30, 15. and 10 miles on the expected ideal line. i look for a valley not to far from my loft roughly pointing in the direction of the race release points i train my pigeons along that valley and at 5 miles the hills on either side. i do not breed very early i like there to be sun on the back of my yb’s and as my stock lofts are very airy i like the temperature to be well above freezing before my birds mate and have young. to mitigate the risk, i change the ‘blind hours’ over slowly and fit a extraction fan to compensate for the blinds reducing ventilation and the climate becoming warmer at that time of year. i do not train to the feed i provide a good balanced diet that keeps in sync with the exercise and effort required.

today is the first training day for my pigeons, training first training toss for racing pigeon, trap training, and we took the pigeons to their first training toss of the year, training racing pigeons, training racing pigeons, pigeon toss meaning. when we train at short locations like 5, 10, 20 miles, these training tosses can be 2-3 times a day. it is better to have 2 ten mile tosses than 1 twenty mile toss for the birds to gain experience. remember, feed and water is always available to the birds, and the routine is the same \u2013 train, land, trap, peanuts.

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