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“i was playing football at the time, and in my mind i was going to be a professional football player. that’s all i need.’” by the time he was 16, hughes was on the fast track to becoming a full-on factory-backed rider, nailing down the 125 a modified and 250 a modified titles for team green at the 1990 loretta lynn’s amateur national motocross championship. other injuries collected along the way in 1992, and 1993 would haunt the californian all the way to the start of the 1994 season. at the second race at anaheim, i didn’t qualify.” brokenhearted, hughes forged on and a week later inside jack murphy stadium in his native san diego, rode his splitfire/hot wheels/kawasaki kx125 to the first victory of his professional career. “steve lamson got the holeshot, and i was third. so mike hooker, who was working on my bike, changed the clutch on the bike, and i brought it down to 4 seconds.

one hundred percent, because in one more lap i was going to boot kurt out of the way,” said ryan. hughes would open the season with a dazzling moto win at talavera, spain, and looked to be well on his way to becoming a world champion. everything was good in practice and testing, but the bike was a bit of a handful. one thing led to another, and before the start of the 2003 ama 125cc national championship, hughes had a ktm contract in front of him. i’m also involved in the ryno power gym, the ryno institute and a new company called ryno equipment.” although he never obtained that elusive championship he was so desperate for and does not enjoy hall of fame numbers when it comes to total career victories, ryan hughes does enjoy a rich legacy and will always be remembered as a fan favorite. his commitment to and passion for the sport were never more evident than we he pushed his bike across the steel city finish in 1995.

this is a partial list of notable current and former motocross riders, 250cc- 1981 , -, -, 7. united states ryan hughes, 1990-1999, 2001, 2003-2005, 2001 – 2005 four stroke world champion, -, -, – ryan hughes grew up in escondido, california, a town of 140,000 i’m going to be a professional motocross racer, because i can win on my own and i can lose on my own. that’s all i ask anyone to name the toughest, most-intimidating guys in motocross, and the name “ryan hughes” will undoubtedly, .

learn from the experienced edge of motocross legend and elite trainer, ryan ” ryno” hughes, through mx schools since retiring from professional racing he has focused on training motocross athletes and his motocross the ryno institute coaches and teaches motocross skills and technique. ryan hughes, food for life, technique and,

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