sea cadets training

for those cadets who decide to enlist in the military, their prior training as a sea cadet may allow them to join at an advanced pay grade. cadets who choose to enlist in the military also tend to do better and stay in longer. cadets must also be physically and mentally able to participate in the basic required activities of the program, such as team-based physical training, close-order military drill, classroom instruction, and (for sea cadets only) annual overnight away-from-home training programs. cadets and volunteers are also quick to name the wonderful by-products of our training program:  new friends, a sense of accomplishment from overcoming obstacles and involvement with the community. cadets study a broad range of subjects, all of them designed to enhance the individual.

when joining the naval sea cadet corps, cadets are required to have attended a two-week away-from-home recruit training in order to rise in rank and participate in advanced training sessions. all persons applying to be in the nscc officer corps are first enrolled as an nscc instructor for a period of one year. as long as you are motivated and willing to help in the cause of promoting the positive development of youth, there is a place for you in the corps. nscc adult leaders are authorized to purchase uniform items from u.s. navy uniform shops on base and the navy’s uniform support center in pensacola, fl by phone and mail order. new nscc officers are appointed by the nscc executive director to the rank of ensign.

after enrolling in the program, all sea cadets must attend a mandatory two-week recruit training session. these training find them here! our background. becoming a cadet. training the mission of the nscc is to expose cadets to the full rigors of a military training program. nscc prepares its, .

the summer training schedule is now available at . 1. recruit training (fourteen day module) . recruit training is the cadet’s introduction to military routine and discipline and the naval sea cadet corps (nscc) recruit training (rt) is the cadet’s introduction to military routine and,

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