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technically, the sweet spot is located between high zone 3 and low zone 4: between 84% to 97% of your ftp (power at threshold). i instruct the athlete to ride between zone 2 and their upper sweet spot range for a  tss goal that’s based on previous data. however, once the workout is downloaded and analyzed you do want to analyze sweet spot wattage for the duration(s) that you thought you were “sweet spotting”. athletes are encouraged to choose the route he or she wants and ride and climb in their sweet spot wattages from the bottom to the top of various length climbs.

perhaps you are using a race for training and aren’t interested in the usual strategy of “sitting in and waiting for the move”. the normalized power for a 2hr mountain bike race is at the upper end of the athlete’s sweet spot wattage. wattage is the easiest way to analyze a specific sweet spot duration in a power file. finally, sweet spot training and the workouts above are a fantastic way to build a huge aerobic engine at any point in the year. big fan of sweet spot and power-based training + winning in the kitchen thanks for the ideas and the science – yes “training” with a busy life is so much about bang for the buck, and sst is where it’s at.

sweet spot training forces the physiological adaptations that were set up your bike computer to of your training? base training for cyclists: myth or must-do? 20 minutes at sweet spot (90% ftp). you can start with 2 x 15 minutes at sweet spot, with half of the interval time as rest (so 7.5 minutes for, . sweet spot training is a balanced amount of intensity and volume that increases an athlete\’s functional threshold power (ftp). in the figure below, the \u201csweet spot\u201d occurs between a high level/zone 2 and level/zone 4 or 84-97% of one\’s ftp.

luckily, though, there is another way to ramp up your fitness for an endurance event. it’s called sweet spot training, and it involves focusing your effort on moderately hard weekend riding with just a dash of threshold (race pace) work and moderate efforts thrown in midweek. sweet spot training is one of the most effective and efficient ways for cyclists to improve.,

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