sst workout

one or two of these sessions a week will have a big impact on your fitness and will result in noticeable increases to your functional threshold power (ftp)*. sst refers to a workout zone which cyclists can make use of to improve their power at anaerobic threshold. many cyclists have heard of the benefits of traditional base building – those long endurance sessions racers perform in the winter months to prepare for racing in spring and summer. what many don’t know is that unless you’ve got the kind of hours to dedicate to training that racers do, you won’t reap the benefits of traditional base building. in these cases, sst offers the flexibility and short-term performance gains that most cyclists need to enjoy their local club rides or solo excursions. consistently training at sweet spot intensity will train your muscles to become very efficient at working in the sweet spot zone, at the expense of explosive power.

on the other hand, time trialists and those regularly ascending alpine climbs will benefit greatly from the ability to hold higher wattages for longer and will not miss their explosive power. click “select a workout” and expand the section “60-90 minutes to burn”. perform the warmup and prepare yourself for some over-under (ou) blocks. these consist of 5-minute intervals at the top end of your sweet spot zone followed by 5-minute intervals at the bottom end of your sweet spot zone, where the intensity is more manageable but still demanding, and definitely not easy enough to be considered a recovery. during this second block your fatigued legs may falter, but focusing on your breathing and cadence will get you through to the 10 minute cooldown at the end of the workout. if you are a beginner cyclist, incorporate this workout once or twice a week into your training and give yourself a day of rest after each session.

sst refers to a workout zone which cyclists can make use of to improve their power at anaerobic best used with a power meter, but still doable with heart rate, sweet spot training, or sst, is done the other two sessions required the lifters to use tuor’s sst training methods. the first, as follows,, .

zone distribution. z1: 3m. z2: 6m. z3: 21m. z4: 20m. z5: -. z6: -. 7%. 11%. 42%. 40%. 0%. 0%. sweet spot training during sst sessions training duration can widely vary due to metabolic stress ( short rest intervals),

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