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so welcome to the beast of a round-up. ultimately, as i said before that i could try and get everyone on this guide, but then the guide wouldn’t ever happen. we could go beyond that and talk about how to get this stuff up on a big screen tv, and i did that a few years ago too, but for now, we’ll just focus on the apps themselves. the fact that i’ll predominantly show a live event is mostly to get the most bang for my buck text-wise here. you’ll see your competitors on the map, allowing you to formulate just how viable that totally unrealistic gap is to close. so if you’ve got a gopro on your bike, you can go out and record a ride, and then re-ride it in the app later on. and again, the ability to download it to your cache (to guard against any connectivity issues if you have a sketchy internet connection). there isn’t a massive amount of depth to these structured workouts or the numbers of them, but hey, they are there for those that want to be a bit promiscuous from time to time away from the scenic rides. see, as part of that overhaul i mentioned, rgt split up the app into a ‘screen’ app and a ‘companion’ app. however, for run of the mill ipad and apple tv implementations, i think zwift tends to pop a bit better. but when you take a route like the stelvio and only toss 20-30 people on there, it feels empty. i believe they and bkool are really the closest viable alternatives to zwift if you’re looking for virtual world racing. each one of these are coached workouts that are recorded with video and synchronized to a structured training. and that’s one of the challenges of the coached workouts here is that you can’t see the exact wattage target like you can in most structured workout apps. the only difference is that if you use your own bike, you can’t send power metrics to the peloton app. but, if you do have a power meter/trainer and a watch/bike computer, then it’s pretty easy to sort out your power zones as you would with any other app here and just stick in those as defined by the workout. but the majority of them i do enjoy quite a bit, and the workouts go by exceptionally fast in comparison to most other platforms. within that, i went into the popular category and selected one of the handful of structured workouts with a video overlay on it. in the case of rouvy, they’ve spent a lot of time on their augmented reality bits, with the overlays and all. not to mention the automatic control of your smart trainer to force that suffering down upon you. if you have a smart trainer, these will automatically change the resistance on the trainer. the sufferfest is a great app for when you want to simply be distracted and can throw down the wattage. the app features super-high quality recorded outdoor rides, gps rides with 3d rendering (including the ability to re-ride your own courses/routes), and a smattering of structured workouts. that has challenges, where you can ride a collection of routes over a set number of days and even get real-life water bottles sent to you: the only downside here is that the app keeps pushing you off to a website, i really wish it were all within the app nice and clean. oh, well, i mean sure – there’s an option for 480p in case you really want that kind of pain: and yes, in theory on the desktop app (i tried mac), you can get yourself 1080p videos to pre-download. and i would pay the extra few bucks for 4k (but i don’t feel like i should have to pay it for 1080p). but, if you do choose a plan it’ll start off with a ramp workout to assess fitness, and then go from there: at that point, plan or not, the experience is the same. the ‘just works’ factor is exceptionally high, and the fact that there’s logic and methodology behind it all is appealing to vast sums of people. compared to riding in zwift which is visually mind-grabbing as well as has a social training and racing element, trainerroad is just staring at numbers on a screen. from the singular workouts all the way up to training plans that can be tweaked on the fly to deal with life events, the depth of what they have as a platform might be hard to see until you spend time with it. the ones that have the words ‘smart’ next to them are ones that are dynamic in nature, as we’ll see in just a second. the next two mini-pages include a graph of effort and then available mpa, and then followed by that is the schedule of events in text format. however, as my failure occurred, you could see the app adjusting the intensity of the interval to try and give me a new realistic target. you can always ride watopia, and then each day one of the other worlds is offered as a ‘guest world’. in either scenario, you can always use the smartphone companion app or a keyboard to change directions to different roads. as is the fact that you can attempt to use your phone or keyboard to chat in real-time with people. but you don’t need to be part of some overarching series or event, you can just jump on and ride – which is often how i use it. my criteria for the apps i use are both more simplistic and probably a bit geek laden. i realize it’ll be hard to select the features. i know zwift and rgt have it and while it’s a bit hard to relate to in zwift (apart from hanging with the pack easier) in rgt there’s that nice graphic with the green watts you save. can i use fulgaz on the apple laptop that provides me a year of apple tv+? frankly, i’m not going to be convinced by pretty graphics on a screen that i’m riding in the alps, and i really don’t care about online competition. do you have subscription numbers for trainer road and the rest of the bunch? i kinda feared zwift might be on the way to take a lot of air out of the market. additionally the workout function is a bit clunky with you needing to go through a 3rd party. i just want to give a shout-out to you and to the sufferfest in general.

i have been a user of the sufferfest for a decade and a seasonal user of rouvy for two years. i dumped it a while back and i lost all my levels so having to start over. i’ve recently become a huge fan of the sufferfest (invested in a kickr to take it up a notch) and i think you missed one of the best features – the fact that all of the workouts on the platform adjust based on your 4dp profile. i’m too lazy to add the mileage and elevation gain so i have it setup for zwift to update my training peaks. the vortex is probably on the edge of that, but it’s been a while since i tested it. on kinomap, i used it with the tacx flow smart fwiw, but you can see the tacx neo in the screenshots that was sitting next to it. i can imagine that it is very difficult to cover every aspect of a particular app adequately. ultimately what they’re doing is spot-on though, and elements of it have been around a long time – probably just not as clearly marketed or implemented to the end consumer as sufferfest has done (kudos to them). great to hear you have a peloton bike – i look forward to the review. you can look at the zwiftpower history and there have been 1500 events in the last 7 days. i have been on the fence regarding trainerroad for a while now. i might give it a go on my ipad, but i don’t have the tacx holder (yet). additionally, if you start a ride in ‘training mode’ you will have the option to adjust the ‘reality level’ of the ride. i found my way to the sufferfest and have never looked elsewhere. the music aspect is what appeals to me as good music during a workout really helps. ok, i have gone for the peleton trial and have tried it on my android device. you could always pick a workout similar to dcr’s test workout and test it one day on the powertab and the next day with the halcyon. the only downside is it is pc only and has no android or ios version so i have to use my laptop for it instead of tablet. otherwise, i find that tacx videos are not as good as those of fulgaz: on tacx it is often filmed from a car, which gives a less good rendering (due to slow motion) than the one taken from a bike as it is often the case on fulgaz! i am using trainerroad for two years and it does the trick for me. i prefer solo workouts with occasional group rides on weekends versus the cacophony of zwift, but as noted in the review zwifters can export xert workouts to zwo and ride with the xert player remote overlay. do you know of any apps that would make it easy to change the resistance on my trainer? it is $12 per device so if i wanted to setup on my macbook, ipad, and android phone the total would be a total $36. the netfix/prime/etc players don’t have a way to cause other applications to overlay on top of them, and that leaves the clunkier solutions of having things in resized windows. some trainers can do more than others (so it also depends on the type of trainer you have) but is there any differences in which ones support “cobblestones” just to name one? as i’m on trial i don’t know if this we gonna have to time to work this out… with rouvy ar, know that the ant+ compatibility is in development and we hope to have a releasable product soon! probably the main feature i enjoy with zwift is the ability to have the trainer in erg mode and adjust target power a few percent by pressing +/-. it is a great app and as your review has pointed out is much improved over the last few years. most of the sufferfest hiit workouts are about an hour and the 4dp doesn’t suck that bad if you compare it to just another hard workout. no place to enter your ftp and consequently no ftp % or zone is showed during the ride. i noted that many apps have the ability to pre-cache rides so you can download them on your home wifi and train with them in your pain-cave where (in my case) i don’t have wifi available. does your tacx review show that you are planning to do a review of the whoop device? i could get to the menu, but it wouldn’t recognize it. i emailed the company, and perhaps because of language issues, they tried to tell me that a) the sudden increase in % climb was a feature (umm, not when i am on a -4% slope, i pause, and it jumps to 25%). in the handfull of rides i’ve done i have never been able to get it to work the way it should. is there an app that can create a workout on the basis of an actual ride with the actual power data taken during such ride and then display the video recorded during a ride. they tell me that that’s going to be fixed but in the meantime there is an orientation app in the play store which takes care of it very well. i got a 2018 with the “ticking” problem. i do really enjoy the blog and efforts that you put into the site. rgt: it’s free and it gets the job done, but i think it requires a faster internet, you should plug in both your phone and computer as it is really demanding. i think this is a good app to build on your bike strength and endurance. hello just a question and for the magene t300 what is expected?? the *far* more challenging part is getting subs and people to pay. great to hear that bigger, better and ‘just work’ are all on the agenda. i had to take a backward step to an old laptop and ant+ dongle to keep using the sufferfest. oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! it’s a nice break from the day to day sports-tech talk, and i hope you get something out of it!

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