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Agreement Template Lease Agreement Template
Lease Agreement Template

Lease agreement template is a legal documents between lessor and lessee for leasing a tangible or intangible properties for a specified period of time. A professional lease agreement sample can help both lessor and lessee in formulating the terms and conditions of a lease contract.

Lease Agreement Format

Lease agreement provides an option for using a property or assets instead of purchasing an asset. When one leases an asset such as an equipment, one agrees to make payments in return for the use of the asset for some period of time. There is no transfer of ownership of the asset with leasing; only the right to use the asset.

Lease agreement can be arranged to suit for the special situation of lessee. Leasing arrangements can be set up for any period of time that is mutually agreeably to both the owner of the asset ( the lessor ) and the person who will be using it ( the lessee ). There are no restrictions on the number of years two parties can set for a lease but generally the lease period will never exceed the expected life of the leased asset. If the lease term exceeds the assets life, it would be considered purchasing the assets from the accounting perspective.

Lease Agreement Template

In the process of creating your own lease agreement template suitable for you own purpose, you need to consider the lease agreement format, lease agreement style and the key terms and conditions in the template. The key terms should include: lease terms, payment terms, rights and obligations of both parties, liability of breach and dispute settlement.

The first key part in lease agreement template is the leased assets and lease terms. In the section, you need to specify the lease term. For example: The lease term will be from _____(month) _____(day) _______(year) to ________(month) _____(day) _______(year), the total days are_____(year/month). The actual lease term should be determined by the time of asset delivery and the written approval of both parties. The lease term could be extended after reaching manual agreement between party A and party B.

The second key part in sample lease contract is lease payment. In the section, you need to stipulate how to pay. For example: The party A and party B jointly agree to pay rental in monthly settlement and charge of the last month should be cleared up within five days of this month. All charges shall be cleared up after termination of tenancy.

The third key part in sample lease agreement is rights and obligations of both parties. In the section, you need to clearly specify the roles of both parties. For example, party A: Have right to terminate this contract if party B fails to perform this contract. and have obligation to supply equipment which should meet the requirements of this contract. party B: Pay rental in accordance with stipulations of this contract. and have obligation to use leasehold properly according to operation manual.

The last key part in lease agreement sample is dispute settlement. In the section, you need to show how to solve the dispute if there is a breach of liabilities. For example, Liability for breach of contract should be undertaken in the form of penalty, any party failed to perform this contract completely should pay the penalty to the other party in accordance with ____% of the contract amount or actual expenditure, The signing, performance and dispute settlement of this contract should be resolved in the way of friend negotiation in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of ________state, if failure, any party could conduct prosecution to __


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