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Agreement Template Rental Agreement Template
Rental Agreement Template

Rental agreement template is an agreement between landlord and tenant for the lease property or house. A good sample rental agreement can define the rights and obligations of both parties.

Rental Agreement and House Rent

Before you signed an agreement with a landlord, you may need to make some market research. You also need to estimate how much you can afford for the house rent. The landlord usually asked for weekly payment. There are a variety of house and you need to keep to your budget principle.

Location is also another important factor to consider. There are plenty of factors to consider when thinking about the location of a property. It is important that you priorities what's most important to you in terms of location before starting the search, as this will save time in the long run. For example, you need to consider the distance, the commuting and transportation, accessibility to restaurants and bars, retailing market etc.

Rental Agreement Template

In the process of building your own rent agreement template, you need to consider the rental format, rental style and the key information contained in the template. The key information include: rental terms, payment terms, deposit, responsibilities of both parties, breach of agreement.

The first key section is rental agreement template is the rental terms. In the section, you will state the lease term and termination date. For example: The parties agree that flat is hereby leased for a term of ____ years, commencing on ____, and expiring on ____. Upon expiration of this agreement, Party A shall be entitled to take back the flat in full, and Party B shall deliver the flat in full on the date of expiration. Party B may terminate this Agreement by giving a prior two-month’s written notice to Party A or paying an amount equivalent to two-month’s rental to Party A in lieu of notice.

The second key part in sample rental agreement is the payment terms. In the section, you need to state how to pay the rental. For example, The rental for the flat is ____ only per month, This rental amount includes all property fees, related taxes and charges, but is exclusive of charges on utilities (water, gas, electricity, etc.) and of telephone fee, which shall be born by Party B. The rental shall be paid in advance on a quarterly basis.

The third key part in rental agreement example is the deposit. In the section, you will state the deposit. For example, Party B agrees to pay a deposit of _____ only equaling to one-month rental to Party A within __ days upon signing of this Tenancy Agreement. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement and no renewal happens, Party A shall return the Deposit in full to Party B without any interest within 15 days before the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

The fourth key part in rental agreement sample is mutual rights and responsibilities. In the section, you need to state responsibilities of both parties. For example, During the term of this Agreement, Party B shall take a good care of and be responsible for maintaining the Flat in a good condition. Party A guarantees that the Flat shall be made fully available for occupation at the commencement date of this Agreement. Party A assures that the Flat shall be clean and tenantable with all services and supplied appliances in good working order and to keep the structure roof and the outside of the Flat in a good condition with well repaired and painted where necessary.


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