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Agreement Template Service Level Agreement Template
Service Level Agreement Template

Service level agreement template is a contract that ensure the quality of service and define the roles and responsibilities of both customers and service providers. A sample service level agreement can help business to negotiate a service level agreement sample with consistent format.

Service Level Agreement and Quality

Customer satisfaction is the key criteria in assessing service level. Customer satisfaction is when the customer is satisfied with a product/service that meets the customer’s needs, wants, and expectations. To further understand customer satisfaction, we must take a deeper look at the levels of specific satisfaction. We must also recognize that there are levels of customer satisfaction that, in a sense, define the basic ingredients of quality.

Business need to have a system to hear your customer voice in order to improve your service level quality. There are difference between marketing and customer service. The focus of customer service and satisfaction is to build loyalty, and the focus of marketing is to meet the needs of the customer profitably. Another way of saying it is that marketing’s function is to generate customer value profitably, whereas the purpose of customer service and satisfaction is to generate repeatability, recognition, and overall satisfaction of the transaction. The concern here is to make sure that a goal exists and to reach the reward of service quality. The question then becomes how to develop a system that is responsive to the customer’s needs, wants, and expectations. To answer these concerns, look to the customer for answers.

Service Level Agreement Template

There are free service level agreement templates you can download for reference. Alternatively, you can use common software such as Word to create your own service level agreement sample. In the process of designing a personalized service level agreement, you need to consider the service level agreement style, service level agreement format and key elements for your template.

The first key part in service level template is information about both parties and scope of agreement. In the section, you may include: This service level agreement (SLA) will summarize and detail the duties and responsibilities of ___ to be provided by ___ to ___ and to ___. The scope of agreement include the following service: ___.

The second key part in service level agreement sample is the details of service provided. In the unit, you may give details of the service provided, the hours of operation, the methods of contract etc.

The third key part in service level agreement example is responsibilities and issue resolution. In the section, you need to include clause on the responsibilities of both business and service provider and how to solve the issues and complaints. For example,___will designate a Relationship Manager for ___. The Relationship Manager is the first point of contact to report complaints or problems for resolution.


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