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Invitation Template Free Invitation Template
Free Invitation Template

Invitation template can be used in many occasions, for example, wedding invitation, party invitation, celebration invitation etc. A well designed invitation template can help the event organizer to send out the request in advance with a consistent style and format.

Invitation Template Format

The invitation template should comply with the objectives of the event and show clearly the purpose of your invitation. For example, in the opening, you need to show that the intention of the letter or card is an invitation to the receiver. you need to highlight the purpose of the gathering and make the reader feel privileged to attend the event.

Invitation Template should provide all necessary information. For example, you need to provide all the details the receiver need to attend: time, schedule, location, date etc. you may also include some other important information such as dresses, costs, refreshments or meals etc.

Free Invitation Template

In the process of creating your own invitation sample for specific event, you need to consider the invitation style, invitation format etc. The following is a free invitation sample format for your reference.

Date ----

Salutation -----

Opening: ____(here, you may give a warm, personal greeting. )

Main body : ______ (In the section, you will provide information about the invitation in terms of “who, what, where, when, why and how.”

Closing: ____(In the section, you can express the hope that the person to whom you are writing will be able to attend and expectation that the event will be a success.

Complimentary close___



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