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Business Plan Template

Business plan template is  an important document that any entrepreneur needs when starting up a new business. Business plan template is a framework that helps the entrepreneur put things into perspective and understands what is needed to be done.

Business Plan Format

Business plan sample need to give detail information about the target market. The target market can be defined based on things like income group, educational level, geographical location, demographic and gender factors, etc. A good marketing plan needs gathering information on the industry and the market under consideration. The definition of the target market of the product/service helps the management team of the company determine the size of the market and the market goals.

Business Plan should provide information on financial and operation. The entrepreneur needs to prepare a budget which includes all possible expenditures and revenues for the new business. The expenditures may include capital expenditure, direct operations costs and other expenses that are likely to be incurred. The revenues can be forecasted using market data. The industry benchmarks, which represent the industry history and trends, can be used to prepare the pro forma financial statements and estimate the costs.

Business Plan Template

In the process of preparing your own business plan template, you need to include 9 key sections: Executive summary, Industry analysis, Business overview, production plan, Operation plan, marketing plan, management team and financial plan.

The first part in business plan template is executive summary. The executive summary usually puts forward the key points of the business plan in a clear and persuasive manner. The executive summary is not about summarizing every part of the business plan, but highlighting the essential and the crucial issues in the new business idea.

The second part in business plan sample is industry analysis. Industry analysis will give an assessment of the external environment of the new business. These are things such as the economy, technology, laws and regulations and culture. you may also conduct competition analysis to determine the competition and trends of the industry. There is a competitive analysis template for your reference.

The third part in business plan template is your business overview. This section will describes in details the product/service provided by the new business and the size and the scope of the new business and its operations. For example, What is the legal status of the enterprise (i.e. proprietary limited company, trust, company limited by guarantee, sole trader)? What is the history and purpose of the business? you may also have an outline of your organization overall strategy and objectives over the next few years.

The fourth part in business plan example is operation plan. For manufacturing business, you need to describe in details the manufacturing process of the product that is to be produced by the new business. For non-manufacturing business, you may describe the purchase, inventory control, steps of business transaction etc. The key is to clearly indicate why the product/service will be innovative or superior from both a technical and market perspective.

The fifth part in business plan template is operation plan. This section of the business plan describes the flow of a product or a service from the producer or the provider to the customers. This includes things such as inventory control, product or service delivery and customer support services, the steps involved to finalize a business transaction and the role of technology in that transaction process.

The sixth part in sample business plan is marketing strategy. The market plan is basically about how the new business will effectively compete and survive in the market place. You may need a SWOT analysis template to conduct your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. SWOT analysis is effective analytical tool for assessing your competitive position.

The seventh part in business plan sample is management team. You need to provide an overview of the proposed management structure and style of the organization. The key is to give detail information on key management personnel involved in the organization and their relevant skills – particularly in the areas of marketing, promotion, innovation, human resources and finances.

The eighth part in business plan is finance plan. This section describes in details the financial projections of the new business and its financial and economic feasibility. These financial projections are usually made for the first three to five years of the new business. For the first year, the projections are made on monthly basis and for other years they are made on annual basis. Usually, three financial statements are prepared by the business and these are pro forma income statement, pro forma cash flow statement, and pro forma balance sheet. You will need an cost analysis template to conduct your cost analysis in preparing your financial forecasting and planning.

The ninth part in business plan is risk assessment. In the section, you will describe the potential risks to the new business and the strategies to deal them. The potential risks may come from competitors, poor production, marketing or management performance, and new technology. A risk analysis template will help you conduct a risk assessment.


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