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Marketing Plan Template

Marketing plan template provides direction for your marketing activities. A professional sample marketing plan is a road map that give directions to marketing professionals on how to get to your destination.

Marketing Plan Outline

Your marketing plan sample need to give clear marketing strategy and objectives. In order to make decision about your marketing objectives, you need to understand your market. A big mistake that many small business owners make is to focusing on products or service without first understanding the market and the needs of target customers. A profitable market consists of people who have dire wants that are few products or service can meet their requirements. To get an understanding of your market you may need to segment your market into niche market and do thorough research into the market.

Your marketing plan should have a in-depth analysis of your customers. you need to who your customers are, what they want, and what motivates them to buy. You may organize a focus groups and ask the following questions:

**How does my potential customer normally buy similar products?
**Who is the primary buyer and the primary buying influence in the purchasing process?
** What kind of habits does my customer have? For instance, where do they get their information?
** What are my target customer’s primary motivations for buying?

Marketing Plan Template

There are a variety of styles and formats used for marketing plan template. The following section headings will help you organize your plan. The content of the plan is much more important than rigid adherence to a specific format.

The first part in marketing plan template is Executive summary. In the section, you will highlights the main goals and recommendations of the marketing plan. It should also briefly address budget requirements and how success will be measured.

The second part in marketing plan sample is business overview. In the section, you will give a r relevant background on the market, product, pricing, and distribution situations as well as on competitors. Some marketing plan templates include the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis in this segment. A SWOT analysis template can help you perform the process.

The third part in sample marketing plan is the target market. In the section, you need to clearly identify your target market and show your reasoning for the segmentation. For example, you may ask the following questions: How well do you know your target market? How well do you understand their information needs? Can you articulate what your customers and potential customers need as opposed to what you offer? Are there groups to whom you should be “selling” who are not now “buying” your services?

The fourth part in marketing plan template is marketing goals , marketing strategies and implementation plan. This section is the key part of your plan, it shows what you want to go and how you get there. The implementation plan should detail task to those who are responsible for, Having a plan of action with specific tasks ensures that the details are clear and that specific persons are accountable. Studies show that many market disaster is due to lack of practical and detail action plan.

The fifth part in sample marketing plan is the budget. In the section, you need to state how much will the activities defined above cost, and the resources and support needed for the marketing campaign.

The last part in marketing plan is evaluation and tracking. What are the success criteria? How will you measure success of the plan? By monitoring progress, you can judge the success of the marketing plan. If some of the strategies are not working out, try to determine why. Is the strategy flawed? Is there a problem with implementation or timing? How can you refocus and move on?


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