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Test Plan Template

Test plan template is a document that shows a systematic approach to testing a system such as a machine or software. A sample test plan can help those testing professionals at all levels to follow the steps and procedures and produce a sample test plan report.

Test Plan Overview

The key objectives of test plan is to ensure that a product or system meets its design specifications and other requirements. There are many types of test plan: manufacturing or production test is a testing process during preparation or assembly of the product in an ongoing manner for purposes of performance verification and quality control, service and repair test is a test that performed as required over the service life of the product.

Test plan need to show clearly the testing scope and testing methods. Test scope in the test plan states what requirements will be verified during what stages of the product life. Test scope for different product life stages may overlap, but will not necessarily be exactly the same for all stages. Test methods in the test plan state how test coverage will be implemented. Test methods may be determined by standards, regulatory agencies, or contractual agreement. Test methods also specify test equipment to be used in the performance of the tests and establish pass/fail criteria.

Test Plan Template

There are free test plan template you can download for reference. Alternatively, you can use common software such as Word to create your own sample test plan. In the process of developing a personalized test plan form, you need to consider the test plan style, test plan format and key elements for your template.

The first key part in test plan template is background information. In the section, you may give information on the test purpose, testing background and test scope. For example, This Test Plan document for the ____ supports the following objectives___. You may need to describe the stages of testing, for example, Unit, Integration, or System and the types of testing that will be addressed by this plan. The section need to provide a brief list of the target-of-test’s features and functions that will or will not be tested and list any assumptions made during the development of this document that may impact the design, development or implementation of testing etc.

The second key part in test plan sample is test strategy. In the unit, you will show details of testing strategy. For example, the test strategy presents the recommended approach to the testing of the target-of-test. For each type of test, provide a description of the test and why it is being implemented and executed. The main considerations for the test strategy are the techniques to be used and the criterion for knowing when the testing is completed.

The third key part in test plan example is resources for testing. In the section, you need to state the recommended resources for the testing, their main responsibilities, and their knowledge or skill set etc.


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