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Strategic Plan Template

Strategic plan template is a document that shows the strategic move or directions for the company and organizations in long term. A well designed sample strategic plan can help top management teams to formulate long term plan and strategies.

Strategic plan Overview

Strategic plan is about making decisions and strategies for future. After the pros and cons of the potential strategic activities have been identified and evaluated, one must be selected for implementation. Perhaps the most important criterion is the ability of the proposed strategy to deal with the specific strategic factors developed earlier in the SWOT analysis. If the alternative doesn’t take advantage of opportunities and corporate strengths and lead away from environmental threats and corporate weaknesses, it will probably fail.

Strategic plan, in essence, is the evaluation of alternative strategies and the selection of the best alternative. There is mounting evidence that when an organization faces a dynamic environment, it doesn’t arrive at the best strategic decision through consensus. They involve a certain of heated disagreement and even conflict. Because unmanaged conflict often carries a high emotional cost, authorities on decision making propose that strategic managers use programmed conflict to raise different opinions, regardless of the personal feelings of the people involved.

Strategic Plan Template

There are free strategic plan template you can download for reference. Alternatively, you can use common software such as Word to create your own strategic plan example. In the process of designing a personalized strategic plan, you need to consider the strategic plan style, strategic plan format and key elements for your template.

The first key part in strategic plan template is executive summary. In the section, you need to give the key points contained in your strategic plan. The executive summary provides a synthesis of the environmental and internal assessments.

The second key part in strategic plan sample is environmental and internal assessment. In the unit, You need to analyze the industry situation and answer questions such as: What industry are you competing in? What are the various segments in the industry? How is industry structure changing (demand, supply, and industry chain economics)? What are the resulting opportunities and risks?

The third key part in strategic plan example is strategic definition and implications. In the section, you will give details of the strategy to follow in future. For example, What strategy will your company pursue over the next 5 years? How does your chosen strategy exploit industry opportunities and address industry/competitive threats?


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