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Sales Plan Template

Sales plan template is a form that shows the sales target, sales objectives and sales strategy for marketing professionals. A professional sample sales plan can help sales person and marketing department to produce a sales plan with uniformed style and format.

Sales Plan Overview

Good sales plan need to consider the competitive strategies of company. Once a company has determined its objectives, a competitive strategy can be developed. A competitive strategy is developed so that a company can create advantages over the competition. For example, a company can create a competitive strategy that offer buyers a standard product at a lower price or make the product different than the competition on attributes considered important to the customer. For start-ups, a niche marketing strategy may be a good option. Niche marketing occurs when a product is sold to a small number of total potential customers. The specialty market is often referred to as niche marketing, since products are marketed to a very small group of buyers. Niche marketing requires the business owner to identify customers with similar demands and serve their needs extremely well. Niche marketing implies that a company will take a lower overall market share, but possibly with higher profits on the product.

Effective sales plan need to consider the marketing strategies and marketing objectives of company. Marketing strategies outline exactly how marketing objectives will be achieved. For example, if the marketing objective is to increase market share, the marketing strategy states exactly how the market share increase will occur. A marketing strategy is a way to give marketing orientation to a business by deciding to position a product or service in terms of buyer needs and wants.

Sales Plan Template

There are free sales plan template you can download for reference. Alternatively, you can use common software such as Word to create your own sample sales plan. In the process of designing a personalized sales plan, you need to consider the sales style, sales format and key elements for your template.

The first key part in sales plan template is marketing objectives and marketing strategy. In the section, you need to show marketing objectives, market segmentation strategy etc. For example, establish specific and measurable goals that express desired levels of sales, market share, brand variables, ROI, etc., over a specific timeframe and geographic/sales market. You will also establish specific and measurable long-term goals that express desired levels of sales, market share, brand variables, ROI, etc., over a general timeframe and geographic/sales market. Identify how you will segment the market.

The second key part in sales plan sample is marketing program. In the unit, you need to give details of marketing promotion, customer service, marketing research and personal selling etc. State the major elements of your marketing mix (detailed below). Justify the timing and sequencing of all elements and explain how they interact to create synergy. For example, you may identity main product line and sub-product lines and identify key product attributes (e.g. features, quality, wide or deep product assortment, packaging, trust/warranty, etc.) that will be or have been implemented in response to target market’s needs and according to marketing strategy.

The third key part in sales plan example is implementation. In the section, you will show product design and development, marketing and sales, resources requirements. Also this section may include performance evaluation, you need to show how you will monitor Ads campaigns, salesforce evaluation etc.


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