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this four-day train the trainer certification is an intensive hands-on practical workshop based program that to enable participants to grasp the mindset of an expert trainer, and appreciate the ‘inner game’ of beliefs and values as they apply to designing and running training programmes. this 4 day train the trainer workshop offer the participants a distinct advantage over other trainer programmes in terms of long-term commitment values, professionalism in designing and delivering training modules. “this train the trainer program is excellent. “after the course, i think that this train the trainer program is fun and awesome!

i learned how to engage with my audience during the course.”  – senior specialist, auo crystal (malaysia) sdn bhd. 1. online payment  by credit card:  you can opt to register and pay online with our latest payment integration system through our website. learn how to sail through your deepest challe the critical element that differentiates successful leaders is the application of effective interpersonal and influencing skills. effective leaders help to get work completed, and also contribute to staff motivation and individual job satisfaction. this 2 day sales presentation skills intensive course helps your sales team hone their skill in this highly experiential and interactive anger management training workshop, you will learn to become receptive to your own emotional hot buttons and manage emotions, reactions and defensive behaviours better.

this four-day train the trainer certification is an intensive hands-on practical workshop based program that to enable have you been training for years? are you a new trainer? at train the trainer certification malaysia you will find the train the trainer training courses are delivered in kuala lumpur and malaysia wide by train the trainer specialists., .

this course explores all the basics of training from, setting course objectives to classroom management. it prepares participants to develop a set of skills in program development, delivery and assessment. this training of trainer course is designed to help trainers effectively deliver courses. effective delivery of training for training to be effective it must be participatory, focussed on the delegate needs and involve them actively in the training process. this three day training course equips trainers with up-to-date knowledge and skills. it enables them to deliver active training sessions that optimise learning.,

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